Monday, 28 January 2008

My Weekend Challenge

I met several strangers over the weekend. No spectacular encounters, however I noticed that my demeanor changed - I found myself "looking" for opportunities, and being friendlier.

Sunday in church was a different story. Steve came and sat with Judy and I. I really did my best to be a friend. Steve must be near 45-50 years of age. When he was in his late teens or early adult years, ,"friends" talked him into trying LSD - one time. It screwed his mind up forever. He can communicate and function but at a very simple level. I am going to do my best to be a friend. I also stopped at the back of church and greeted Greg after service. Greg chooses to be homeless, has been at least 4 years. He usually comes into church, backpack and all, and slips in a pew near the back of the sanctuary. People at church have welcomed him and he feels a part of our "family".

I hope I am available, a servant of Christ, each day not just the weekends.


j & j said...

you are so funny! fun huh? jake and i like to give each other secret little missions like that... it's always fun to learn most from what others have to offer - simply being themselves. why do i always feel like because of who i am, i am the one who has to give and not receive?

- j

the4ashes said...

It is amazing to me that people chose to be homeless. I know that you more than most are a great friend and a loving person.
We have been working with some homeless guys that live under a bridge here. WE take them food and firewood. For Christmas a group from our church took them sleeping bags and a tent. Typically they would role up in old carpet to sleep and gain some shelter. Foe Christmas Samuel gave JESUS a gift. We went down under the bridge kids and all and delivered hot potato soup and just spending time with them. WE sat on their couch and warmed ourselves by their fire and Samuel has remembered quite often to pray for them and to remind us to go back and take more food. Hopefully we have started something in his life that he never forgets to keep being a part of!!!

Tam said...

What you are doing Papa is contagious. And it should be! Thanks for being so vulnerable with us and for being such a great example too!

Oh, and the "One day I'll sit on your lap for the last time" comment from your girl...Oh my word - that really got to the core of me! Wow!

Robin said...

Great post as usual. Thanks for your inspirations and challenges!

J - I miss you, pray for you and think of you often. You are definitely an inspiration to me. I want to be more like you too (of course more like Jesus first).