Sunday, 6 January 2008

Startled & Frightened!

Not too long Amos and I went for a trail ride of a couple of miles through the woods. Now Amos does not 'spook' very often. He is a quiet, gentle horse that even my grand kids (ages 8 & 6) can ride. This day was a little different! I could see around the trees up ahead a deer frozen in time, intently watching us. The doe was less than a foot off the trail and I knew that deer and Amos were about to have a confrontation. Only Amos didn't know it - he had not seen the deer. Suddenly it bolted and so did Amos. He just knew something was after him. He whirled and for a split second or two was out of control! Quickly he realized I was still there in the saddle trying to reassure him all was okay. With gentle reassurance, no panic from me, he quickly gathered his composure and was calm. We turned around, headed back down the trail and watched the deer as it bounded off into the woods.

Sometimes as I go through life and those "unexpected events" come up - I bolt or panic. I forget I am following Jesus who already knows whats there. Today as the pastor was preaching I noticed a note I had put in my Bible: "Fret and worry are the result of not calculating with God." I hope 2008 will find me doing more calculating with God.


Your Friend at ILNC said...

Jim, you are beautifully capturing internal inspirations from your Maker. Surely seems to me that He is trying to tell you and all of us to not worry, but trust Him. There's an old song that says something like: "With Christ in my saddle (vessel) I can smile at the storm." Keep smiling, Jim, and know that God is teaching you so you can teach the rest of us!

Robin said...

Thanks Jim!

Great example - thanks for your insight!

Anonymous said...

Hope you don´t mind that the godless people of Sweden read your blog too.
We love to read your stories even if we do not share your beliefs.

Hugs and kisses from Jonas and Anna-Lena

PS. It is Anna-Lena Kanje, not Johansson as you have written under favorite music. ;-). DS