Monday, 18 February 2008

God's Timing Part 1 !!

Scripture: “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?”
Luke 18:7 NIV

TIMING - Not always to my liking!

I saved money for years to purchase my first horse. I earned $2.50 a week for chores and had finally saved up $165.00 for my first horse. Finally the day came, it was a Monday and we were at the farmer’s auction at Copemish, Michigan. This beautiful horse was being shown and I knew she would be mine, if I got the highest bid. I was only 14 and my dad had to do the bidding. The bidding began, $100 dollars! Not bad, I can afford that. But the price kept going up, I just knew this horse was going to be mine! The bid went to $140.00 and my dad bid $145.00 then another man bid $150.00 and my dad got up and walked out! I was very disappointed and I asked dad why he stopped bidding? He then revealed that the man bidding against him was just upping the bid for his friend the owner of the horse. In fact the owner came over and offered us the horse at the price of $140 dollars! I was excited and then dumb founded when dad walked away, got in the truck and went home! I was angry! We had missed the opportunity to get my first horse! I thought today was the day!

I am sure you get frustrated when God seems to get the timing wrong. We sometimes are just so confident that we know His timing. Sometimes we see His timing, but other times we don’t. The one thing I know his timing is best. The horse? Well there is a part two to that story!

Prayer Thought: Lord, help me to always trust in your timing.

Stay tuned for part II of this very true story -- You can always rest in God's timing.


Anonymous said...

I tried to post before but lost it...let's try this again.

This was a great story!! I love it. I can really relate right now with the move. I have a lot to learn and look forward to part 2. God's timing IS always best, no matter what our plans are. ;-)

Robin said...

Part 2 is worth the wait :) Thanks for sharing!

CrossView said...

There have been (too) many times that I was just sure God wasn't listening and it was only with hindsight that I would learn that His way and timing was even better, i.e. the best.

I'm so glad He just doesn't listen to me at those times!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy - We always believe God leads us but we tend to "challenge" when its not down the path we think it should be.

Shhh! Robin! Don't give em any hints about part 2!

Crossview - I concur, way too many times for me also! I really get in trouble sometimes.

Anonymous said...

oooh Robin, do tell! ;-) heehee

Anonymous said...

Jim, I've just been trying to catch up on your posts. They are so good...and I love the various pictures you are using. Wish I had your talent! Looks like you are getting quite a bit of traffic also. I'll have to log in more often, and not get so far behind that I am missing what's on your mind and in your heart! Your ILNC Friend

Robin said...

Sorry, I can't tell... afterall, Papa made me wait a day between reading entries before - so I'm all for making everyone wait too :)

Your secret is safe :) until tomorrow :)

Robin said...

And besides he tells the story much better than I could :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Luke passage..and it brings to mind Lamentations- wait on the Lord, and the Lord is my portion. I love that too! HIS timing is always perfect, and we just are learning that waiting on HIM is so worth the wait!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Maybe I will save "the rest of the story" till March! :o)

Carol (she is actually my neighbor! - my ILNC (Indian Lake Nazarene Camp) Friend!) Great to have your comments! Don't give up any of my secrets!

Anonymous said...

Well March is not really that far away, but i will not remember part one if you make me wait to long..oh yeah that is what archives are all about.

Hey you have 11 comments already...are you still changing every 10? :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

I am pleased with all the comments and I confess I get tickled with them. I also like suspense and surprises! I will post part 2 tomorrow. Isn't there an old saying; "tomorrow never comes"?

Tam said...

Boiled ground cows tongue??? Eeewww!!!

I love you anyway Papa =)

Well, I know where I'll be first thing tomorrow morning! Here...for Part 2!

I love your stories. How you tell them. the wisdom and lessons in them all! It's your perspective on things Papa that I appreciate and have learned much from!

inWorship said...

Oh my, I've been here.

I would consistently save for something and right when I had the money, an emergency would come up or we needed it for something else. I used to be so upset at this and then I realized that the money was always going towards our needs and not our wants. All along, God knew exactly what He was doing when He allowed us to have that money. It was never to get what I wanted, it was aways for Him to give to what we needed.

Looking forward to part 2.

Ed said...

That was a great story. Thanks for sharing it. Your love of horses obviously carries over to the rest of your life, such as the work you are doing at PATH.

I am continually reminded of all the good work being inspired by following the guidance of your faith.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Ed. I have always thought "horses" are special. I hope it carries over in my relationships with people. We are each special and have our unique gifts.