Tuesday, 19 February 2008

God's Timing Part 2 - The saga continues!

Scripture: “And will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off?” Luke 18:7

Timing Continued - God cares about us!

Note! If you have not read the Post "God's Timing Part 1" you will enjoy the second part better if you do!

It was a Sunday afternoon, we had just had lunch and dad asked me if I would like to go back to Copemish tomorrow to see if another horse would come through the auction ring. I was still angry, upset; disappointed and thought the trip would be wasted. I had just missed “my horse” last Monday and was not very confident we would have any success tomorrow. “Well, I guess we could try” I muttered.

On Monday we went to the auction. We took our seats near the front of the auction ring. The first couple of horses that came through were not what I was looking for. Then this horse came in and my eyes bugged open wide! It was the same horse from last week! My dad immediately looked around. Sure enough the man who was a friend of the owner placed the first bid – 100 dollars! My dad did not bid. Instead he went up a few rows and sat next to the man and he whispered something to the man. My father than placed the next bid, 116 dollars! My father then turned to the man and watched him. “Going once, going twice, sold for 116 dollars,” said the auctioneer. My dad got up, came down to where I was sitting, never smiled, and simply said: “lets see if we can get a new saddle with what’s left.” We did! If I had got that horse the week before I could not have afforded the saddle.

This may not be a “miracle” to you, but for this 14-year-old boy at the time, it was huge. To this day, decades later, I still remember this event and trust God’s timing in my life. He never has failed me.

Prayer Thought: God, I am grateful for your timing in my past and trust my future to you.


Anonymous said...

Amen!!! God's timing is always perfect and best. I know that sometimes HE says no but only because what HE has in mind is so much better!! Waiting on the Lord, its actually a win win situation! Love you Papa and Mama! Darla

Indian Lake Papa said...

I totally agree Darla! Thats how I got Mama (no, not at an auction!). I got her by waiting for God's direction!

Robin said...

Love your sense of humor!
Appreciate your wisdom!

Thank you!

CrossView said...

A miracle?? Oh yes!!
And it always amazes me to be reminded of how much He cares for every one of us *even* in the smallest of things! =D

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - for a boy of 14 I was awed at how God worked it all out. I kept "Lady" until I went in the service after high school! We covered a lot of wonderful trail miles together and even contested her some!

Tam said...

Okay! Goose chills from head to toe on this one!!!

What a sweet daddy! What a great story to inspire! How much does our Father in Heaven love and provide for us! Aren't we all already living proof of that?!

Is there a part 3? What did you name the horse?

Indian Lake Papa said...

My comment just above yours Tam - Her name was "lady". She was a strawberry roan quarter horse 8 yr.s old - very very fast! Gentle!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! That is an awesome story! How I would love to know what your dad whispered to that man. ;-)

Is there a part 3??

Love ya papa!

Anonymous said...

Hi Papa, thanks for your comment on my blog, I appreciate the prayers and encouragement!

GodsGal said...

This is a hard one for me Papa...but I'm learning. If He would have shown me the things in my life now 5 years ago I would have ran the other way fast! Thank you for this, He speaks to me through you and for that I am very grateful!

inWorship said...

"God's timing never fails"


Tam said...

Well geeze - I was so full of goose bumps I went straight to blabbing without reading what you had commented. I had an animal named Lady when I was a little girl.

Yah, is there a part 3???

Indian Lake Papa said...

Several have asked if there is a part 3 - not in the horse sense but maybe a post about my dad tomorrow. I was fortunate to have a father as my hero!

I will have to do it in the afternoon. I work Wed. AM.