Thursday, 28 February 2008

Profound - almost spiritual - wisdom!

I have been watching some of the "profound" discussions on "spiritual matters" such as "Wesley Armenian" vs. "Calvinism" and by the way nobody seems to have moved. I have a different approach. What if you had to answer the following questions from a historical record to "qualify" to enter God's Kingdom? How would you do? Please no internet searching, must be learned knowledge!
1) What was the name of Roy Rogers horse? (Trigger)
2) Gene Autry's horse? (Champion)
3) Dale Evans horse? (Buttermilk)
4) Lone Ranger's horse? (Silver)
5) Tonto's horse? (Scout)
6) Cisco Kid's horse? (Diablo)
7) Pancho's horse?(Loco)
8) Hoppalong Cassidys horse?(Topper)
9) Name of the jeep on Roy Rogers TV show? (Nellie Belle)
10) Name of the plane on the Sky King show?(Song Bird)

Easy bonus question! 11) Name of Roy Rogers dog's name?(Bullet)

Score: 1 to 5 - almost saved!
6 to 7 - on your way!
8 to 9 - Freedom bound!
10! Welcome to the "Pearly Gates"!
If you get all 11 you are "eternally secure"!

Answers above now! 10:35PM EST


Tam said...

Is it bad that I have NO idea??? And I'm not a cheater, so I have no desire to google the answers =)


Indian Lake Papa said...

Oh my! Am I that old?? Most of these were old TV shows in the 50's! It scares me - because I remember them all - I think!

Tam said...

I was born in 70. That was the era of Happy Days. Fonzie never rode in on a horse. But if he had. I STILL wouldn't know it's name =)

Indian Lake Papa said...

I was sitting in a customer service lounge not long ago that had a TV going one day and the program was the old 30 minute Roy Rogers & Dale Evans TV program called "Happy Trails". Another man started off with old western trivia - we had fun. We stumped each other! I'm not getting many "comments" just us two old folk Tam! Whats the famous western movie that "Richie Cunningham" starred in? :o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ron Howard and Lauren Bacal starred in the western movie - 1976.

Anonymous said...

Okay by those standards I am totally going to hell! hahahaha!!!

Nice to see your sense of humor hasn't been affected by the sickies! :D

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy - So far it looks like I am going to be lonely up there! :o) I am sure God came up with the "Amazing Grace" plan. My "plan" is not doing so well.

How's the nose doing? Mines running a bit!

Robin said...

Pretty bad here - the only one I know is Silver. Then I kept reading and you gave clues, but it would be so just guessing - I have no clue! I'm the same age as Tam, so those horse shows weren't in my era either.

inWorship said...

I am ashamed that I have no idea. I've always been a city boy that loves the country. Also, I have to agree that a couple of these are a little out of my age range :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

You all make me feel so old! :o( I was surprised no one even knew Trigger?? But I had fun - I will repost this someday when I get to "Perpetual Care Nursing Home", at least they will know them - your just a bunch of kids! Bah humbug!

Indian Lake Papa said...

By the way you kiddo's - they still do re-runs of all of these at times! I watched Gene Autry last night in fact! I think Gene could take Clint Eastwood!

CrossView said...

I saw this yesterday but was headed out the door. My 11-yr old said, "I should know these but I can't remember! Why didn't he ask some easy ones like Robert E. Lee's horse. Or El Cid's." =P

I remembered Silver as in, "Hi Ho Silver- AWAY!" and I will never forget Trigger. We saw him in Apple Valley when the museum was still there...

We've bought a lot of the old shows on DVD. My 18-yr old loves Tonto!

But I totally blanked on the names.

Thankfully, I get to stick with God's plan! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I had three answers and then you put up the answers..I am glad cause the one that came fast to my mind was the Lone Ranger's horse, I had older siblings, and a step dad who loved the old I am feeling kind of old as I knew who they were, memory not as good with the horses names! but that was fun!

darla said...

hahahaa got a little happy on the clicker and sent my comment before I finished my info! just love me sigh