Friday, 29 February 2008

Scrap Booking!

Scrap booking! Not necessarily a "guy thing" but is something I have done. The picture to the left is no exception. But tells a story. The picture must have been taken in September 1940.

I was sitting at the dining room table looking at old photo albums belonging to my cousin. I really wasn't too excited, but was trying to be cordial. I knew very few of the people in the photos anyway. Besides I had trouble understanding my cousin - she was speaking Svenska (Swedish)! After all, we were in Sweden at her house. Suddenly, I flipped back a page and looked at the picture on the left - again. Barbro, my cousin sensed something was puzzling me. Suddenly I smiled and stated; "This is my mom, dad and her dad on my parents wedding day!" My dad said he only wore a tie once in his life, on his wedding day. Barbro's daughter Anna-Lena and I scanned the photo and emailed the photo to myself back in the USA. Today the photo is in one of my family heritage scrap books.

Scrap booking is a way to save your heritage to memory. We are constantly making memories of our life. Some memories we do not wish were there and yet we can even learn from the mistakes. Hope you are learning from your memories and the memories of others. What are some of your precious memories?


Robin said...

How very cool! I don't have many old pictures most are from my own lifetime, but my dad and Gramma have some.

Brandy said...

I love that song...Precious Memories. :D

My grandpa's wife does geneology for her family and my grandpa's family. She spends HOURS on it and has found a lot of information. My grandpa used to think his grandpa was a Cherokee Indian chief, and while was Cherokee, he wasn't a chief. ;-) I think he was a little bummed about that. haha!

Unless I directly know a family memeber, I'm not too interested in finding out my families history. What I know leaves a lot to be desired. :(

Precious memories for me are of when my grandpa (remember I call him Papa?) and my grandma (granny) when they were still married. We would spend a LOT of time out at their house (they lived out in what used to be the country) and he taught us how to drive on old roads when we were little. He would take us for rides on the riding lawn mower. I remember when their cow had a baby. I thought I was going to get to hold it! haha! He played basketball with us a lot too. H-O-R-S-E :D I miss those times.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Family history can become very addictive. There are funny stories and sad stories. My problem is these dead people had lives and I want them to know I care. My dads mother was orphaned in 1890's. I finally found in 1998 where her bio parents were buried in a pauper's unmarked grave. I got donations from family members and we put a marker on the grave site.

wornoutwoman said...

I've got lots of old photos too. I have them on flickr and have scrapbooked them as well. Love your blog. I'm a friend of Tam's and had to stop by your blog after all the wonderful things she's said about you! Have a great weekend.

CrossView said...

How wonderful that you have a copy of the day Dad wore a tie! =D

I have so many precious memories! God has blessed me so abundantly.
Every day my husband says or does something that just adds a new precious memory. Then there's my kids. They're always adding to my precious memories in my mind book.

One of my favorite memories is when my husband was mad at me for something a long time ago and he said, "Forget it. I just can't stay mad at you." Trust me when I say, that in itself is amazing. God has used that man to heal much of a wounded core! =D

Tam said...

"Some memories we do not wish were there and yet we can even learn from the mistakes"

I love this statement you said. What good is a memory if it doesn't encourage something, inspire, ground you, change you...

See you're feeling better Papa!