Wednesday, 20 February 2008

"Thats not my mommy, she's not that ughly"

It was 1948, I was about 5 and daddy had just come back to the car. He took me out of the car and excitedly took me by the hand and said; "'thats mommy over there in the window, wave to her!" I don't remember waving, but I remember saying the words; "'thats not my mommy, she's not that ughly."

It was November 7, 1945, the instant my younger brother was born (the little boy in daddy's arms). My mother began to cough uncontrollably. They quickly discovered she had Tuberculosis (TB) of the lungs, she was 37. A few weeks later she was placed in a TB Sanitarium. I never saw my mother again until that day at the sanitarium. Even then, almost 3 years later, she looked awful. They had removed all the ribs from one side, collapsed a lung and she was very weak. They thought she was on the mend, but not so. She soon got TB of the bone in her left leg. They cut out the entire knee joint - shortened her leg 3" and bolted the two halves together. They put her in a body cast and leg cast and she had a total weight of 60 pounds. She said she remembered at that time a doctor coming in and looking down at her and saying; "I think she is going to make it!" Mom said she couldn't even blink an eye she was so weak, could not utter a word. Finally after 3 1/2 years in the sanitarium she was released to go home - 1949, she was 41. The doctor said; "Alice, if you don't lift your arms high, take it very easy, you will probably live 3 more years and if very fortunate 4 years to 45."

Shortly after going to the sanitarium, mom and dad became Christians. Mom believed that God "healed"' her for one purpose, to use her wit and gift of gab to help others find Christ as their personal Savior. So her "mission" began in 1949. With less than 4 years at best to live she began earnestly to witness -- going door to door in her neighborhood, no stranger was exempt from her testimony. Unfortunately, her day to meet Jesus came too early, she passed away January 15, 2003 - at the age of 94, almost 95! She led a normal life, worked with dad on a small farm, never used a cane or walking device until well into her 80's - unfortunately she drove into her 80's as well! The neighborhood rejoiced when she parked her car! :o) She was a terror on the road!

She was a miracle - some that glance at this blog remember her. Life to her was witnessing about Christ. To wrap this up, I close with this exert from her life.

In 1967 dad called and said mom was having heart tests and was in the hospital. She was "stable" but they were going to run tests. I lived 3 hours away. Mama and I decided to go visit her in the hospital. Got there about 8PM and had just a short time to visit and then go back.
Problem !! We could not find her! Nurses did not know where she was and I was upset! Finally I spotted her - coming down the hall! I chewed her out! "Where you been? We drove 3 hours to see you, now we have to leave!" Excitedly she said; "I went for a quick walk, heard this lady crying in a room by herself, and I went in and led her to Christ!" The lady died the next day in surgery.

How are you doing with your priorities? I am still working on mine!


Indian Lake Papa said...

The picture is my sister, me next to her, my older brother sitting and dad holding my little brother. This was taken while mom was in the sanitarium.

Anonymous said...

I love this story Papa!! I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how long she lived!! Praise God you had your mom around for so long! I hope I am that lucky. One of my greatest fears is losing my mom too soon. And my grandma.

I love all of your stories! They make me smile. :D

CrossView said...

Your Mom makes me feel like a wimp! =P

I love this:
"Unfortunately, her day to meet Jesus came too early, she passed away January 15, 2003 - at the age of 94,..." =D

What a legacy!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy - Crossview; Mom died after a relatively short stay in a nursing home. She was alert up until her passing. Her testimony and witnessing was there to the end - even with short term memory loss. It was a pattern for her. I pray as I age that my witness and testimony will never fade from my memory.

Robin said...

Wow! What an incredible, godly heritage you have - no wonder you are who you are! Thanks for the view into your life!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Robin - my mom was a special gifted lady - and a character! :o) I get my mischief side from her!

She once had to testify in court about an incidence involving a drunk. She had stated the man was definitely drunk. The mans attorney challenged her stating: "Alice you claim my client was drunk, and yet you admit you don't even drink!" Her response was; "I have never ate a rose either, but I know what they are by the smell, and he was no rose!" Case closed.

Robin said...

I like her sense of humor :) You must get that from her too!

Indian Lake Papa said...

There is no doubt, dad also! He told mama when we got married she was on probation for a year! :o)

Tam said...

I'm in tears. Happy tears though.

I long for THAT kind of fire and fervor!

Nothing held her back! Even a doctors opinion of her life span. In fact, it drove her all the more!

Yes, you DO have quite a heritage! What beautiful and Godly examples you had as parents. And look at the legacy they have left! Amazing!!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - Whenever dad wanted to buy a different car, he always took mom! Pity the poor salesman! She had that "fire and fervor"! :o)