Friday, 14 March 2008

We have had a perfect Marriage for 43 years!

Last night when I went to bed I cried a lot. I am now. You see, I have a perfect marriage - really. I got to bed after mama had went to sleep. I think I came to the bedroom at least 3 times before mama went to sleep to tell her "I love you!" I cried each time - I'm too gushy. I don't do this every night but yesterday I spent a lot of time thinking about mama - I am blessed!
What makes a perfect marriage? Here is my list. What else would you add?
1) Both husband & wife must have a personal relationship w/Jesus!
2) Each must love the other more than self!
3) Must seek forgiveness when you screw up!
4) No pouting - if you do, go back to #3.
5) Communicate - intimately & personal - no hidden feelings. Be kind!
6) Pray together -
7) Very important - touch each other! I love to hold mama's hand in church!
8) Never ridicule, tease or put your spouse down - it hurts. I am a big tease - not w/mama.
9) Remember special days! Birthdays - especially anniversary! Make them special!
10) On occasion, make an ordinary day a very special day!

There are many more ideas on how to have a perfect marriage. Can you add to the list?


CDCVersion said...

That list pretty much covers it all! Certainly there are some that I need to improve on!! You have a marriage to be honored and cherished!! Thanks for sharing the list of what makes it work!

Robin said...

Great job! You two are amazing examples!

My daughter and I are reading 1 Corinthians 13 and talking about what love is and isn't. Pray with me that my children and my husband and myself become beacons of God's love more each day!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol - I think some think a perfect marriage is one that is "error free". I think the perfect marriage is one that works through the mistakes. Only mama knows how many of my mistakes we have had to work through.

Robin - we have worked hard at it. I pray that we never give up trying to make it even more perfect. mama has her work cut out for her - I am a handful!

Ed said...

Papa, Wow. You found someone who could put up with you for 43 years. :)

You are indeed blessed.

Your list represents 43 years of knowledge. A great lesson for every one else.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - she thought I had money! I sure fooled her! I lied! :o) Our marriage is stronger today than it ever has been! Love that mama!

darla said...

I knew myhusband didn't have any money, but he has a heart that one can not buy! I agree keeping God in the center of things is the only way. We have been together 15 years and married almost 12. He is a blessing to me, although he never seems to understand that. And i am crazy about that!

My grandparents were married for almost 75 years, were married when my grandma was 14 and loved and cared for her even after his passing, she was always his queen, and he told you so!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Darla - isn't marriage wonderful?! If mama and I make 75 years we will be in our late 90's! What is scary, we are over half-way there! Mama and I work at this thing 24/7! We have had a great day already, and it's only noon - can't wait for the rest of the day! We spent the morning at a church work day together!

Anonymous said...

Papa, we should all be so blessed!

Brandy said...

I had Jake read this this morning. I love your list!! You two are just about the sweetest things ever! :-)

Love you guys!

Indian Lake Papa said...

P365 - Mama and I do feel blessed. I have made some big boo-boo's in this marriage thing but what makes it so "perfect" is the willingness to admit mistakes and the willingness to forgive - and a commitment not to do it again.

Brandy - I WILL HAVE MAMA READ YOUR COMMENTS! I want to remind her that I am "the sweetest thing ever!" :o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Papa! It takes a very strong man to show emotion! You and Mama are such a living testimony. Love you guys and thank you for your wonderful example.

Brandy said...

Now Papa, I said you TWO are the sweetest THINGS ever. heehee ;-)

Don't you go hogging the whole compliment now! LOL!! haha!!!

Mama, part of that was for you!!! heehee

ahhh you guys crack me up!

Indian Lake Papa said...

GG - one of the biggest mistakes men make is not risking or a willingness to show their emotional side. I think wives miss not having that as much as anything.

Brandy - Mama still thinks I am the sweetest thing ever! Ha! Almost as sweet as she is!

Tam said...

"3) Must seek forgiveness when you screw up!"

I can add one.

"Must be willing to forgive when the OTHER one screws up"

THAT'S the hard one for most!

You and Mama are a huge inspiration to us all Papa!

We sure love you!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - you are so right! Without mama's forgiveness for my screwup's I'd' be broke - alimony! That is so much the key! Forgiveness! The big hurdle to overcome is "lack of trust". That has to be earned after a screw up!

Brandy said...


CrossView said...

Happy Anniversary! =D

Great list!
I'd only add one that I learned from ever-patient-longsuffering husband and that is "to think twice when you feel mad to see if it's worth being mad over; keeping in mind that this is someone you love. It's usually not worth it".

Indian Lake Papa said...

Actually Crossview, my anniversary is July 10th! I will not forget it though! I need to come up with something special!