Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mothers Day - How did Papa do? :o)

Here is a list of my Mothers Day Activities. How did I do ?? Please give me a score!

1. Breakfast in bed (egg, waffle, lit candle, bacon, juice - prepared by me!)
2.Bouquet of cut flowers
3.corsage for church
4.Special card
5. letter written by me of special memories
6.2 bags of Dove Chocolate pieces
7. For lunch I will grill Rib eyes, Corn on the cob - special dessert
8. (rain check on this) Sunset cruise for two on the lake.
9. I purchased and prepared the food
10. Lots of hugs and kisses - no more details on this one!

Thank you all for the many ideas and thoughts you gave me on my previous Mothers Day post!

(Rating Scale)
1 - Very Poor
2- Could have done much better
3- Typical - average
4-Above and Beyond
5-Outstanding - set the standard!


Indian Lake Papa said...

MAMA Papa got an 8 from me! What a guy. I am glad I got a "rain check" for the cruise on the lake as we are having rain.

All you Mom's out there HAPPY MOTHERS'S DAY TO YOU MAMA

:)De said...

Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day!

Darla said...

Mama you are one special Lady, with a special man to show you how special you are!

Papa YOU get an 8 from me...keep setting the standard!!! I have a good man too! and a couple of awesome kids that are truly blessing me!

Indian Lake Papa said...

:)De - Mama is having a good day! Our son is talking to "Mom" on the phone as I type. Lunch was awesome if I do say so!

Darla - she is special! I am sure your family thinks "mom" is pretty special too! I'll take that 8 - see'ins how 5 was the best! Ha! 8 must be on that Oregon scale! :o)

Keetha said...

I was going to say you earned a "5" - - - but I see everyone else is giving you an "8" even though there is no "8" on your scale.

OK - - - so - - - I'll give you a 10!!!!

Tam said...

Papa - you are ALWAYS a perfect 10 in my book!

But are off the charts! You are a prized, special and dearly loved woman!


i love you!

Beka & Bill said...

Papa! You did greaaaaat!! Excellent job!!

Bill wanted to know how big of a dog house you were in to have to do that? haha

Darla said...

papa- LOL...I must have gotten 8 from mama...power of suggestion and all! It could be the Oregon scale as I read what tam wrote and it never hit me! but all my babies were 6 , well the boy was almost 8...I saw 10 and Ouch was all I thought..hahahaha

on a scale of 1-5 i still give you 8!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you did good Papa. I had a great day too. Hubby surprised me by having all the family show up at a restaurant for lunch and then we came to our house for several hours and had our usual "battle" with games.

Papa....I see only one problem with your Mother's Day surprise for Mama...... You will have to top it next year!!!! Better start planning now!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Keetha - It was fun today - just got back fron having ice cream with Mama at "Scooters"! :o) Thanks for the 10 ! ha!

Indian Lake Papa said...

tam - Am I good or what! How does a 10 convert on the Oregon scale ??

Indian Lake Papa said...

Beka & Bill - no dog house here! :o) I did have fun today - it turned out great!

Darla - So far everyone is using that Oregon scale! No 5's yet! ha!

Janis - yep, next year is going to be a tough one - I will have to top it. Give me some ideas!!

Robin said...

You did a terrific job!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thank you Robin !! it was a terrific day - still need to take her on that lake sunset cruise!

Leigh said...

5+++++ And that was at #1! I know that Mama musta had a wonderful day. I am sending your list to my Big Daddy. He admits a checklist is always a good thing...

Daizy said...

I am mightily impressed. However, I'm wondering what you are going to eat for the rest of the week after spending all that money feeding her yesterday. The only scale I'll comment on is the one that weighs heavier today after she got done eating all Mother's Day.

CRJFamily said...

I think you get a 6! Sounds like a WONDERFUL day! Mama is one lucky lady!

Also - Yes, that was "Pastor" Ralph! He turned 94 on May 8th!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks for stopping by Leigh! mama and I had a great day yesterday!

Hi Daizy! actually we have a slew of left overs to clean up! Hope you had a great weekend!

Rene' - I thought that was Pastor Ralph - if he can remember, ask him about my dad! :O) My dad gave him fits! ha! Someday I will tell you the stories! hope your mama's day was special - talked to your mom last night at church.

Ed said...

Papa, I am very impressed with your "gift" to Mama, you did set the standard.

It sounds like a great day for the both of you. Are Papa's supposed to enjoy Mother's day too?

Anonymous said...

Fives across the board!!!! *whistle* *whistle*

Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day Mama....can I adopt you????

Love you both! Debs

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - that was a good question - I think I enjoyed the day as well - but was keyed uu the night before hoping it would go smooth. I am an organizer and like my ducks in a row!

Thanks for the Whistles Deb! Now I have to worry about next year! If your going to adopt mama I will let you plan it and put it together!

Life Adapted said...

Now Papa, didn't that feel wonderful to honor the mother of your children??? You done good!!

I am asking our Heavenly Father to hold your sister in His arms, to comfort her and give her peace. May our Father be with you also. Your sister's life and your appreciation for her are examples of how we should live our life, for the glory of God. Be blessed.

Heather said...

OK Papa....I have to go with an 8, too! Not only did you 'set the standard', but you set it and broke it in one day! Good for you.'s late, but Happy Mother's Day to you! What a blessed woman you are to have such a fun, loving, caring man to stand by your side. It sure says A LOT about the kind of woman you are:)

Love and Blessings...

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - Heh Heh - I always take good care of mama! She'd beat me up if I didn't! ha! Thanks for the prayers for my sister - she is suppose to get out of the hospital today. I talked to her this morning.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Heather - mama is the best - now lets see what she does for Fathers Day! Ha!