Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Choose your boat!

This will be my last post for about a week - mama and I are going on a vacation to a remote cabin. soooooo, I have a challenge for you - so have fun while I am gone. Below are three boats - which one would you want if Papa could give you your choice - no cost. In your comments, tell me which one you would choose, why, and why not the other two? When I get back, I will give you some feedback. I will describe each of the boats below. I really want your input - you have a week.

The boat above belongs to a friend of mine Paul. It is a great fishing rig. I believe it is a 16' Polar Kraft all aluminum hull, all the fishing devices needed for a good days fishing. The motor is a 75hp four stroke Honda outboard - top notch! Will get you to that fishing hole quick. Top speed I am guessing around 45-50 mph.

The next boat is my boat - Precious II. if you remember it is a Malibu Sportster LX 310 hp inboard tournament class ski boat. Top speed right at 48 mph. Will pull as many skiers as you want to put behind her. Runs flat on the water - tops in her class.

Now the boat above belonged to a great friend Robb, who was also a working partner and my boss at one time. One afternoon Robb and I went for a ride in his boat and we went out on Lake Michigan. Here are the stats to the best of my knowledge. It is a Sonic high Speed boat. It has sleeping facilities below deck. It is a family boat and robb and his family used it camping around the Great lakes. The boat is powered by twin V8 engines over 500 cubic inches each turning right at 600 hp each for a total of 1200 hp. Top Speed - 80+ - I know! When you throttle this one up - heads turn!

Well? which one do you want? Why? Why not the other two? Only pick one! I will be back on line June 27th!


brent(inWorship) said...

The fishing bost...#1

As cool as the Sonic High Speed Boat is, it is overkill for me and my area.

Your skiing boat is incredible. Something I've always wanted.I love skiing, but less practical for me as the kids don't ski and skiing weather only takes place about 3 months of the year here.

The fishing boat is right up our alley. Makes complete sense for our area and family. Smaller to manage. Easier to pull. We have 11 fishing lakes within 1 hour of us. that would be my choice.

Have an awesome vacation!!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Good morning Brent - That is a good choice - your reasoning makes sense. I use to have a fishing boat similar to that one. We leave in one hour for remote northern Michigan bout six hours from here, We are taking a boat almost identical to the fishing boat. Don't forget to pick up the kids tomorrow! lol

CrossView said...

Have a safe and fun trip!

I don't want to mess this up for you but Guy would choose "none". He's hoping for a jon boat.

Carol - CDCversion said...

All very nice boats, but I would not choose any of them. I'm not that fond of being on the water, except in a leisurely cruising pontoon boat. I don't ski and I don't fish. So keep the boats and give me your sense of humor! Hope you had a terrific trip (if you are reading this after you get back). Our special delivery arrived at 1 a.m. this morning, and they are sleeping. All is well!

Ed said...

Papa, I hope you and Mama are having a great time. I would say vacation but since you are retired like me we are always on vacation.

Being retired I don't need to get anywhere fast so Robb's twin V-8 engines are way over the top for me. I do like the idea of having sleeping facilities on the boat, but I would probably use a tent on land more than sleep in a boat.

Precious II is a great boat for water skiing and other water sports. Great for activities with family and friends. I have never gone water skiing myself, but it does have potential as a babe magnet. :)

The few times on have been on lakes it was for fishing. Paul's boat seems the best of the three for that.

It is a tough choice between Precious II and Paul's Polar Kraft but his boat might be better suited for me

cathi said...

i'm gunning for #2...not that I'm an avid skier or even a good one at that...but i could be a killer 'tuber' when put to the test!

why not the other two? well, #1 deals w/ fishing, and I get the heebie-jeebies hooking the bait, pulling in the fish...all the way through eating the little suckers. I'm just not one for the trawling, I suppose. And #3 is nice for family time, as is #2...but w/ #3, you don't get to see your friends and family wipe, for this stegall, #2's the winner!

hope you enjoy your trip, papa!

Anonymous said...

Okay didn't include the #1 choice for me. That would be the pontoon boat. Nothing is more fun than cruising the lake and dropping anchor for a swim out in the deep water.

However, I must say that all the boats have something in common. They all have the ability to be used to bring family and friends together. And that is what makes any of them worth having.

I hope your trip was fun. We'll see you in 2 weeks!

Robin said...

Enjoy your trip :)

I'm with Carol, I don't need a boat and I get seasick too easily... But a canoe would be fun :) I guess they have medication you can take to avoid seasickness... I guess if I was to choose one it would be the biggest so I had room to move without falling overboard...

Angelfish said...

Dearest "Papa"
Your Precious II would be my choice because she is so blessed to belong to you and she would stay yours even if she was "mine".
Plus sharing the fun of pulling people behind sounds like a blast!

The fishing boat would be better off in the life of someone who loves to fish seeins it is equipped with all the right stuff. I would probably strip it and turn it into just a row boat. Sorry Paul

Robbs boat is just toooooo fast!

CrossView said...

*Sigh* Still not back, yet? =P

CrossView said...

How about now??!!

Storie said...

Papa, We own a boat similar to yours and so, that would be my pick! We use if for water recreation, picnics on the lake, and of course fishing!! I love the versitlity. Nothing like taking the girls out for some skiing, tubing, wake boarding and then anchoring it in a quiet cove for the the afternoon. We picnic, nap, swim, sunbathe, and just hang together! This weekend we were the camp cooks (third year in a row now) and yesterday was boat day. So, we use it to bless the little ones! They LOVE it!!
Have a blessed time with your sweetie:-)

Anonymous said...

We just arrived home after camping for two weeks. Spent a really nice weekend with papa and mama and got to meet cdcversion and daisy. Hi to you both!! It took awhile but papa finally talked me into riding on the pontoon. (Took dramamine first) Of course, papa had to mention that it was the choppiest he had ever seen the lake!!! I don't think he was kidding cause it really was!
I was quite nervous but all went well....even got a few raindrops in the deal.

As for the three thanks to any of them!! I don't want a pontoon either, but I'd ride your pontoon again papa!!


Carol - CDCversion said...

It was nice to meet Anonymous Janis when she visited Mama & Papa here at ILNC. We invite all of you to pass through these sacred grounds and sit a spell at the campfire, or cruise a while on the lake, or pray for a time at the Prayer Cottage, or stop in at the snack bar for a chocolate malt (the best!). Our motels are cheap, and our rustic cabins REALLY cheap! (bathhouse near by) A private Christian campground on a semi-private lake...what more could you ask for if you are looking for an inexpensive get-away with your family, or by yourself. The WELCOME sign is out!

Robin said...

Sounds like a great place Carol :)

wornoutwoman said...

Hope you guys have a blast. When you get back will you join my contest:
I would be very happy if you would...

Anonymous said...

Another long, long day and papa and mama will be back....but who noticed they were gone?

Pick me!!!!!


CrossView said...

Getting closer to home, yet?

And I decided I'd pick the last one since it has a place to sleep. We could really run away if we had that one!

Anonymous said...

I have reconsidered the boat offer. I have asked myself which of the three I could sell to get a little moola!! I think I could probably sell the fishing boat easier around here. Fishing boat it is!!! No fishing, skiing or speeding for me....I'd sell it!


CrossView said...

Tomorrow it is! Woo Hoo!

Indian Lake Papa said...

We are back! A great trip! Will tell more about it tomorrow - yes Crossview, I am back! I am tired!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, papa and mama. I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow, but just checked in and there was your message. Always nice to take trips, but home always looks so good!!

I think I hear some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's coming south from Michigan???


Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol- we are back! Yea! Ed - Paul's boat seems to be a popular choice! Cathi - it is good to be home!Robin! You be careful and take care of yourself! Angelfish - Precious II is fun!! Storie - a boat is a lot of fun- mine get a work out during the summer. Janis - maybe someday in Precious II ???? KIm - will check out your contest!

Anonymous said...

My Uncle owns Precious II. Which means... he does the work and we ride for gas? Seems like the extreme bargain to me. I couldn't take your boat away even if I wanted to.

I wouldn't know what to do with 1200 HP... well maybe in an airplane. The extreme thirst of those twins would make my heart melt. Plus I just live too far from water that I want to spend the night on.

The aluminum fishing boat would be my choice. It looks like it is as pampered as a boat can get. It would probably get very dirty after I got it home - especially if it could serve as a duck boat in the off-season.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Welcome to my blog nephew! You have been behind Precious II a couple of times! Even drank the lake a few times! lol Hope to see you this weekend!

uncle Papa