Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Marriage Tips plus Mama is cool!

Papa and mama are blessed! I have spent over 43 years married to mama - we are making our marriage work. A great marriage does not just happen - even among Christians. You have to nurture the relationship and cultivate it (keep the weeds out!). Papa is going to give you some suggested tips - take em or leave em!

1. Communicate - share your thoughts about each other to each other.
2. Always be kind - especially as you communicate.
3. Be each others best friend.
4. Take time for personal devotions and pray together as well.
5. Discuss major issues together - finances, family, your own concerns.
6. Take time to romance/date each other.
7. Be physical with each other !! Hug, hold hands, smile, look at each other do not shrink back when the other touches you. Mama and I love to hold hands in church, especially when standing, sitting, praying and singing. Hummmm, thats most of the time in church!
8. Never attack each other w/harsh words - you can never recapture spoken words!
9. Seek counsel quickly if your marriage is not going in the right direction.
10. Learn two new words you may have never used; "I'm Sorry!"

I love you mama!


Russ Hutto said...

Thank you so much for these great tips! I just celebrated 2 years with my lovely wife and I love the adventure!


Carol - CDCversion said...

Good post, good tips...would that every marriage could be like yours!

Jake and Jess said...

those present to be right in line with our unspoken suggestions and ways in which we make our marriage work. wow... what a two years it has been!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Russ - 2 years - you are on your way for a life time - work hard at it!

carol - I hope what I said is what I live - you should know - you see me and mama just about every day.

J&J - love you guys - it was great to see you yesterday Jess!

Robin said...

Great Tips! We should read them often.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Robin - i try to do my best to 'practice what I preach". Jess stopped by yesterday - papa cried all over her!

cathi stegall said...

ooohh!!! I LOVE THIS!!!
my favorite is the best friend part! My slice is seriously my best friend ever!
Congrats to you and momma!!!

Sharon said...

Congrats to you and Mama. It is work and you can never let your guard down. Marrying your best friend sure works out good. Joel and I are all about hand holding and touching. Blessings to you both, Sharon

Indian Lake Papa said...

Cathi - if your best friend is not your spouse - who is ?? That would be a scary question! Mama is really very special!!

Sharon - your right - you work at it and you keep your guard up!

mandy said...

You hold hands through the ENTIRE church service!?

Indian Lake Papa said...

mandy - Yes! scandalous! And - sometimes my hand rests on her leg - oh my!! lol

Tam said...

you and mama sure have done it right...and now we get to benefit from all your wisdom and experience! thank you for being such stellar and Godly examples for us!

darla said...

thank you for sharing your tips...I think the key ones for me is..

personal time with God and prayer together

and being quick to say I am sorry.

although I agree with all of them.

Hubs is my best friend, next to Jesus...we love you and mama so much!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - sometimes I think maybe others think I talk about mama too much - but she's my friend! We just rode bikes 5 miles together - finished at 7:30AM. I love her so much!

Darla - just keep up what you two are doing. Your kids are learning as well - be good examples, they are watching and are secure in what they see!

wornoutwoman a.k.a. Kimberly McKay said...

Amen to this one! I love your rules/tips...they're a must in a good marriage.

Thank you for praying for my son. He's better but still needs prayer. He allergically reacted to his antibiotics last night, so we're just trying to get him better. Kind of hard to do that without the meds to do so. Please pray a prayer of wisdom for the doctor and healing for my son. Thanks papa!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Kim - will keep your boy in prayer - can I pray for his mom too. Mama and I are doing great - she is having a ladies prayer group as i type.

pray for me - I have been working on a book project and I am 3/4's done - getting nervous about all kinds of things. :o( !!

Ed said...

I enjoy reading your posts which are so full of life and love.

On the institution of marriage you and Mama are clearly the experts, I am clearly clue less.

About six months is the most I can tolerate living with someone else, and the longest any women can tolerate living with me. :) I have no idea what 43 years is like. I suspect if I tried it someone would windup dead long before 43 years was up. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed- mama has me trained and housebroke. - that's why I have lasted 43 years. You need to find one like Sarah Palin - the "Baracudda" then you would be all set! lol

darla said...

I am missing you and mama...we will talk soon...promise!

darla said...

was wondering if you put up a new post? nope, you didn't...LOL hint hint

have a great day, I will try to call this morning if you are around..probably around 10.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Darla - If you call we won't be home at 10am - we have an appointment - mama is going to meet w/ a funeral home to begin funeral arrangements for papa. I plan to post about it later. :)

CrossView said...

Great picture of you two! =D

And good words of advice...

And the best tip of all? To make sure that you marry the one God wants you to! LOL!

Michelle said...

Hello, Papa. I just popped over and saw this post.

I love it!! It's great to get advice from those who have lasted. Gary and I just celebrated our 25th and we don't have many people our age who can say the same. Your tips are wonderful.

Thank you.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Michelle - lets see - you were probably 13 when married, 25 years, must be mid 30's ??? lol !! mama and I really have a lot of fun together!!