Saturday, 8 November 2008

A Long driveway !

Can I tell a story?

One day, at about noon a mother was looking out her kitchen window over-looking the sink. The sky was cloudy, no sunshine anywhere, and there was a slight mist in the air. As the mother was staring out the window she saw a strange car stop at the end of the long driveway. A disheveled young looking woman gets out of the back of the car and begins walking up the long driveway carrying a bag of what must be some of her possessions. The young woman appears to be weeping and begins to walk slowly up the driveway, hesitates, turns and heads back towards the car. The driver, not seeing her turn around, pulls away leaving her standing in the driveway. The woman turns back facing the house - staring.

Suddenly - the mothers heart begins to pound, could it be? Its been several years! Is that my child?? Immediately, before the child can take another step mom rushes out the door, down the long drive and embraces her daughter. Her daughter, sobbing says simply; "mom, I am sorry, will you forgive me?!"

This story, or one similar is found in Luke 15;11-24. This chapter is filled with the love of a Heavenly Father who is eagerly wanting to seek the lost and have them return. What is heaven doing as we struggle whether to return home or not? I speculate the angels and heavenly host are in prayer, weeping for the lost - just as we would for our own lost child. Not with a heart of wrath or condemnation, but a heart filled with love and concern for that child of ours that is not home.

Do you notice that in all three parables in Luke 15 that they all end with rejoicing?!
Even the angels rejoice as a sinner comes home!


Roxanne Kristina said...


You are right about the celebrating. Another example of God's love. I am sorry the world has made Him an unapproachable guy. I don't know how much more wonderful He could be - unconditional love, free salvation for anyone, anytime, under any circumstance. That is love! And the way your mama expressed that for her girl, and that you extended that love in your writing is again, another example of God's love. I litterally got goose bumps when I read your story. Our Holy Spirit is good and is working through your heart in your writing. Bless you real good.

I am sitting in a quiet house while all are slowly coming to on a Sat am. Cartoons will soon be on, sat sugar cereal, sat chores, a family day ending with celebration of my twins birth. How blessed am I. God has wrapped me in His love. I am grateful.

I love you and Mama!!!!


Michelle said...

Amen, Papa!

He rejoices with all the angels over a lost sheep being found. His love is poured out upon the world by the very act of creating in the first place. His plan before the foundation of the world was to redeem the lost and it's given over and over again, until finally, at the end of the ages, He sends forth His Son.

All from a God who is defined as Love...Holy Love.

Thanks, Papa!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - sending an email shortly - I worked with a married young lady years ago who struggled with a heavenly father that could forgive her sins. She saw Him as a God who lashed out - how could He forgive her sins? Come to find out she had an abusive earthly father. She finally made the hurdle.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Michelle - He died - gave His life to redeem us! I see no wrath in the cross? I see my Savior shedding His blood for me - as a sinner! He wraps His arms around us!

darla said...

Amen! and its good to be home! we need to reachout to the lost with the love of Jesus, and Let the Angels celebrate!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Darla - I think of those children this summer that needed a Savior's love - we all need to be able to show that with each step we take.

wornoutwoman a.k.a. Kimberly McKay said...

Unconditional love is hard to come by in the world except by the means of man's best friend. It's amazing to look to God and know He celebrates and showers us with this amazing unconditional love. Amazing...we're undeserving and he celebrates us.

brainteaser said...

Hi Papa!

This is one story theme I so love. Story of forgiveness. Story of going back home. Story of a lost soul being found and forgiven.

In a parent's heart, there is always that room of forgiveness ever ready to take back an errant child, which we, children, tend to overlook, or worse, whose existence we deny...

...until we are pulled by our parents' welcoming arms, right into the center of that room in their heart.

Have a blessed day, Papa!

Tam said...

yes. i love a good celebration.

though the sorrow may last for the night - His joy comes in the morning!

i love that God loves to celebrate and have feasts. isnt our job to lovingly show the lost the way to that celebration feast?

Annie said...

GOD rejoicing ... over ME. Humbling. Knowing He rejoices like that over anyone ... moving. It is ALL love ... that many times we cannot fathom, yet still it is.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Kim - I like the word celebrates! He rejoices with others at our home coming - its a big deal!

Brainteaser - as a parent I always rejoice when my children come home - in fact in just a couple of hours we will be with our entire family - in church rejoicing together!

Tam - family celebration - even better than a Duck's win! LOL Great to talk to you last night - we are family!

Annie - anyone !! Isn't that amazing when you think how unworthy we are?

CrossView said...

Not with a club
or condemnation.
Waiting with love and open arms...
And it amazes me that we are worth it to Him.

Christian said...

Nice little parable of your own Papa.

Although I once identified with the prodigal son, later on I found myself in the shoes of the other "faithful" son, who resents his father's unconditional love for his undeserving brother.

Like the workers in the vineyard who find that getting to work early doesn't get you any extra perks, his grace doesn't seem to be enough for me anymore. God just isn't "fair", loving those other folks who don't deserve it.

Like I do.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parental love Crossview - that is the challenge!

Christian - wasn't God smart?! He did not put you or me in charge of passing out his Grace !!

Christian said...

Thank God.

Life Adapted said...

Gotta' love reunions! It's always a blessing to read the stories of love in God's Word. He reminds us never to fear returning to Him when we stray away. His love is renewing and everlasting. Can I get an Amen?
Be blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - how is your papa doing? Will bee praying for them. Reunions are wonderful - to me, thats extra special - you know LA, we will be part of a great reunion someday!

Christian - God's Grace is something we can only get a glance of - He designed it.

CrossView said...

Ah, but a human parent will never love their child as much as the Lord does. It took me years to accept that He will take better care of them than I can. =P

And I have tried to instill in my own kids that I am a flawed being and that God is NOT. And as much as I love them, God loves them more. ;O)

"Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?
**Though she may forget**,
I will not forget you!

Anonymous said...