Thursday, 18 December 2008


This picture is the first time that papa got to physically see my grandson. The picture was taken in October 2000 when Blake was 9 mos. old. Mama was so excited to see her first grand child. A day we shall not forget.

Some of you are considering adopting. Mama and I never adopted, however, in addition to our own two children, through the years have had over 30 foster children. One of the highlights we have had is taking 90 day old twins and placing them in the arms of their adoptive parents. That was hard - but God ordained.

If you are considering adoption - trust God. Discuss openly with those who have a say in the decision process. I think the bottom line is having trust in God that you are going down a road that He is walking with you. Adoption is an act of love, certainly He is there with you.

MY daughter and son-in-law are leaving any day now to go pick up my third grand child, Sara, their second adopted child. This last child has been a process that has taken time & patience. One of the key players in this process was my precious grand daughter - Sydney who my daughter gave birth to in 2001.

As they began this process a couple of years ago, my daughter was saying prayers one night with Sydney. Sydney's prayer went something like this; "Jesus, and please watch over Sara too! Amen!" My daughter asked Sydney who Sara was, Sydney said; "She is the girl that you and daddy want to adopt - I gave her a name, so Jesus knows who I am praying for." Sydney was 4 or 5 at this time.

If you are considering adoption, remember, God has one all picked out for you. After all, He chose you to be a part of His family, have you accepted Him yet?


Indian Lake Papa said...

This is Mama
My only disappointment is that I won't be able to be at the airport when they fly back to the U. S. with our granddaughter. But she has been wrapped in our love and prayers since we first heard of her.
I am thankful for God's adoption into His family. You can enjoy that too by excepting Him into your heart.
Love Mama

CrossView said...

Adoption is awesome! I'm so glad to be adopted into the family of God!

I love how the name "Sara" came about. Not to mention that I had a childhood friend named Sara that I will never forget! ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mama hopes to fly back when this next one arrives - we shall see! We love our grand children.

Crossview - we are so excited about Sara!

Ed said...

In this season of gift giving you, Mama and your family have given the greatest gift to children in need, love and a home.

In all the talk about issues this past year not one person spoke about the under funded programs for children waiting for adoption, case workers and the foster care system. Your family is doing it's part now the rest of country needs to wake up.

The foundation for every society is it's children. They must be our highest priority.

Indian Lake Papa said...

ED - we are always only one generation away from success as a country. Papa is an idealist - I think we could do it! It's what we do with our children.

robin barnes said...

thank you for today.

Indian Lake Papa said...

RobinB - glad that mama and papa got to spend part of our day with you and we are praying for you!

Roxanne Kristina said...

Papa and Mama,

Thank you for raising your children in a way that showed them our Father's heart - that HE adopted all of us and we are to adopt each other, so to speak. There are many ways this can look, eg: a random act of kindness, foster parenting, taking someone into your home, "chosen" family (like you and mama are to all of us :0), formal adoption, and so on. Now your children repeat this in their own lives, and we get to celebrate with you. Yeah! Praying for Sara and all of you, and for Mama that she will have peace knowing she will see her Grandbaby from China, maybe not at the airport, but she will see her and Sara will always know Mama loves her!!!

We love loving you and Mama!

Gotta go pack!

Woo hoo!


Indian Lake Papa said...

ROxx - Have a great trip - get packed! Time is flying by! Adoption is a blessed term!

Roxanne Kristina said...

When you have a chance, Beth and I have posts sharing excitement to see you, Mama, and the Manatees!



Indian Lake Papa said...

RoXx - been there! See you later - time is going by fast!

Robin said...

How cute! Love that she was named Sara in advance!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Robin - Sara has been a part of our family before we knew who she was!

Anonymous said...