Thursday, 22 January 2009

Papa's' first new car!

Papa purchased his first new car in July 1966. It was a 1967 Pontiac Bonneville Convertible just like the one in the picture except it was a Robin egg blue with white top and white interior - I was 23 and had been married for a year. Total price I believe was $4162.00. The purchase story is quite unusual.

I ordered this car in July - before the 1967 models were even available. No pictures to choose from, no idea what it would look like. In other words, I had purchased a car that did not exist but I knew it would be available the end of September. Even today the new cars are available in the fall, the year before they really are designed for. The 2010 models, most will be available in September 2009!

Back to my story - well, by September 1966 I was excited - but no car yet! I had purchased it and wanted this convertible before winter set in! :o( !! The dealer kept assuring me it would be in any day now. One Saturday morning we decided to go north in Michigan to see the fall colors and family, a 3 hour drive. I decided to drive by the dealership on the way up north, about 20 miles from home, but on the way. As I pulled in to the dealership I glanced into the showroom window - you guessed it - there was my car! My salesman came out all flustered, apologetic, and said he was sorry he had not told me it was in. I asked when had it came in, he said, "three weeks ago." I went ballistic ! Papa was not a happy camper! He stated that the car was just too pretty not to give it some show room time - I admit, it was a beauty! But it was mine, we had an agreement, I had purchased it. I told him he had 90 minutes to prep it! He did, we laughed and I drove out in my new convertible.

About 2000 years ago Christ purchased us, sight unseen and paid the price. He does not want to give us up. My car had no choice, it was mine, but even though Christ paid the price for our sins, we can refuse the offer. As excited as I was when I looked into that show room window, that is nothing when compared to the excitement that heaven displays when we accept Christ's purchase for us.


Annie said...

:) Great application, Papa!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Annie - thank you - it was a cool car! I went to college at a small Bible College - that car made me cool! LOL My wife wanted me to get a bumper sticker that said; "I can't flirt I'm married!" I get overwhelmed thinking that my Savior died for me - 2000 years ago!

Tam said...

again, another brilliant correlation from you, papa!

beauty of a car too!

Roxanne Kristina said...


I like that you gave the word picture of your "passion" for the car being something we could use to identify with in terms of Christ's passion for us. The car is great lookin' but not as great as you!

Give Mama a kiss on the cheek for me and tell her I love her!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - my best friend in college had a nice 2 dr. hardtop Ford - one weekend we switched cars - I needed a hardtop to haul a canoe. He & his wife were elated - kind of! They were song evangelists - and were singing in a small church that weekend! They got a lot of questions when they drove up in that convertible!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - mama and I sure love you. Mama even loved me after I bought that convertible - mama was not the happy camper! A little strain on a newly married couples budget. MY passion almost got me in trouble. WE both worked and saved hard - before & after our marriage. The car was paid for in 2 years and the house 3 years after we were married.

Will give mama those hugs in a few minutes - as soon as she dries off - heh heh! :o)

Luv U

Char said...

Speaking of Michigan winters (not to miss your point, though) my sister sent me this today.

It's winter here in Michigan
And the gentle breezes blow,
Seventy miles an hour,
At twenty five below.
Oh, how I love our Michigan
When the snow's up to your butt.
You take a breath of winter
And your nose freezes shut.
Yes, the weather here is wonderful
So I guess I'll hang around.
I could never leave my Michigan
Cause I'm frozen to the ground!
---Author Unknown---

Indian Lake Papa said...

Char - The winter in Michigan this year has been awful! That's why we are in Florida! LOL

Ed said...

I lived in a city where I could walk, or take a bus, to everywhere I needed to go. My social life was built around NYC which I could take a train to.

I did not buy my first car until I was 40, I forget the year, My job had been relocated 35 miles away.

It was a Toyota Celica Sports Coupe. I loved that car more than any of the others I have owned.

In my only accident a tree jumped out in front of me and I totaled the car, after 150,000 miles.

Indian Lake Papa said...

ED - your life, my life - what a contrast! I would have been lost in NYC. My first time ever in NYC was 2007! I have enjoyed blogging as my new friends have really broadened my thinking so much. Thanks ED, you are a great friend.

I hAd a Dalmatian jump out in front of that big Bonneville once - splat!

Anonymous said...

Love how you see God in everything papa~

I get overwhelmed sometimes too, when I think of all He's done in my life, how could anyone not want Him?

Love you, hugs to Mama! =)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Deb - I hope that Christ is seen in my life. I want to spend as much time as I can looking for CHrist and pray His Holy Spirit fills me.

Robin said...

Prayer Request Update - My brother and I talked on Wednesday night and he sounded so horrible (sore throat) that I decided to let him rest for a few days before trying to talk again. Well, he called me this evening to let me know that he had been life flighted to the hospital when his heart stopped. I guess it stopped three times. He was taking Mucinex and some other RX medications that didn't work well together. He does not have health insurance. Please continue to pray for him.

CrossView said...

Ooh! Wouldn't you love to have it still? ;o)

I want that little red bug in the background!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - it was a fabulous car for a 23 year old! Foolishness, but a fun car! LOL Oh do I wish I still had that car!

JoEllen said...

I wish you still had that car too so I could borrow it! ;)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi daughter! I wish daddy had that car to loan you! It was a very cool car! Big as a boat though! LOL Have a great day at work! Tell Peter hi !!!