Saturday, 3 January 2009

Worship & Fun

Mama and papa spent the last couple of days on a Sr. trip with about 40 other seniors. We went to a dinner theater presentation in Ft. Myers, FL on Friday night. We ate way too much food. We spent 8 hours plus sitting and riding on a church bus.

Papa found himself looking out the bus window praying a lot - probably part of that praying time was for you - by name, if you follow papa's blog. Mama and papa had a a good time - but papa's spirit was troubled at times as well.

I felt that at times I was getting distracted from worship. You see, papa thinks we need to be tuned-in to worship 24/7. My pastor mentioned the other day that real worship begins when we walk out of the church service - when we begin to serve. In order to do that, I need to stay focused on my Lord - "How can I serve him right now?" - sitting at a dinner table, watching a secular play - I felt "uneasy" - distracted. I am curious, what distracts you from worship - service? I'd like to see your comments.


Peter Olson said...


Thank you for your prayers and for requesting prayers for me and my family. I know that "... The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." James 5:16 (NIV)

God Bless You!
Peter J. Olson

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - We are praying for you - Ruthann requested prayer in our SS class last week as well.

Technonana said...

We can be continuously in praise and worship. And just being aware that the Lord never leaves us is the way we 'remain in Him'.
The things that distracts us are usually planted in our way by the enemy.
Thanks for your prayers, my brother!! Keeping you in mine!

Devoted said...

It is comforting to know that y'all are praying for me and for my family. Know you are in our prayers as well. I agree with technnana, the enemy plants distractions in our way. However, we allow the obstacles to interfere when we take our eyes and our hearts away from the Lord. God bless you and thanks for such a thought-provoking post.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Sharon & Theresa - you are both right on target - we need to watch for the enemy - he is very subtle at distracting us. May 2009 find us getting less distracted!

CrossView said...

Usually, when I'm most worried about things are those times when I'm trying to do stuff on my own steam. When I relax and leave it to the Lord, He handles it much better than I do! ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - that also hits papa hard! I realLy get in trouble when I take 'service' into my own hands - I can really get carried away - 'if only He would listen to me!' ha!

Tam said...

what distracts me, is me. my own thoughts. i can be in a "secular" or "wordly" environment and all i see is thats where i came many future Christ followers are in the same room with me. ya know? so thats good. but what gets me every time is when i get selfish. when i dont want to serve. when i dont feel like being kind. thats is the bigger distraction for me.

and as always...thank you so much for your prayers. you know our family needs them!

i love you mama and papa!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - I had a lady tell me; "it scares me to death to wonder what goes through that mind of yours!" LOL
She is so right - my mind can go down some crazy roads at times - I get distracted very easily. But, if I casn stay focused on Him - wow!