Sunday, 15 February 2009

A similar journey?

Okay, test time! This picture is very special! There is a very Special story here. Study the picture and see what you can find that is so special - stop now and look it over closely.

This picture was taken in China, true. These are Sara's new adoptive parents, she is now with her mom and dad. But that's not what I think is so special. Give up? Well let papa explain.

Look at Sara's right hand, she is clutching something very closely. It is a picture album.
The album was given to Sara a month or so before she met her "mom & dad". Jo, my daughter, Sara's mom, made up a picture album of "Sara's new family" including her brother and sister she is yet to meet. The album was mailed to Sara ahead of their meeting. She cherishes that album. The very first time they saw Sara she had the album in her hand - and pointed to Jo - she recognized her new "mom" from her picture album. One of the special things about the album is that a Chinese friend of Jo's put captions under the photos in Chinese so that the pictures could be explained to Sara before she met her mom.

Jesus has given us a "picture album" of himself to us. We call it the Bible. Will you recognize Him when you see Him? Will you be able to point to Him and smile? You are going to meet Him someday. Keep that "picture album" close, study it hard. You want to be able to recognize your Heavenly Father when He comes.


Indian Lake Papa said...

This is Mama,
What a picture I have of my Jesus.
What compassion HE has in HIS eyes. I pray that I will be able to give HIM a smile on HIS face as HE watches over me.
We just finished IChatting with our family in China and little Sara sure gave "Grandma" a smile to my face. She waved at me before I waved at her. SO VERY SWEET.
She is one of the many blessings my Jesus has given to us.
THANK YOU JESUS, for all Your blessings! Mama

Carol said...

Another great spiritual application, Papa!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Carol - see ya soon!

Russ Hutto said...

Thanks for this wonderful "picture" of Christ's love for us!

Papa, you have such a great way of encouraging!

When and if you guys head back up North, if you come through Valdosta, let us know!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Good morning Russ! God really does love us! I pray I recognize Him when He comes again.

We will be "flying" through Valdosta on Wednesday the 25th of March between 10AM & noon. We have a lot of miles to cover that day - but we can take a quick break for a fast food lunch or brunch. Very fast! HA!

CrossView said...

I wonder what she'll think say, 10 years from now? What wonderful memories she'll be sharing!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable new addition you guys have!!!!! I know you won't be spoiling her at all so I don't have to worry about that LOL

Love you guys!

Devoted said...

How wonderful! How exciting for the new family...It brings so many emotions and memories.

I love the way you related the photo album to the Bible. May we not be fooled or led astray.

God bless you and the new addition to your family. She is beautiful!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - We are praying that by 10 years (age: 13 1/2 !!) that she will be already serving a life committed to Jesus.

Deb - talk to her every morning in China for now - they head home Friday. Yep, she is adorable!

Devoted - keeping my photo album of Christ close!!

Ed said...

Another beautiful picture Papa.

I think if I looked up "blessing" in the dictionary I would see a picture of Sara.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - I think you are right! I wish you could have been here at 6:45AM this morning to video chat with them - what fun. Sara was having so much fun, really wound up and singing! Maybe tomorrow morning? :o)

Cee said...

Hi Papa, I just popped in from Our Creative Community and wanted to let you know I did. What a wonderful photo in so many ways. A special little girl coming home and a beautiful image of the love for this girl as well as the love Christ has for us.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Cee - a very special girl - hand picked by God!

Technonana said...

I shall behold Him, face to face.
I shall see Him as He is, and I shall be like Him.
Oh Yes, Papa, I will know Him, because I will recognize His voice.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Sharon - you will recognize His voice - he will call you by name!

nanatrish said...

I am so happy for you and your family and little Sara. She is so beautiful and of course, being adopted myself I feel like I can relate so much. We were chosen and the Lord has kept His hand on me all these years later. I pray Sara will have a wonderful transition. Her holding that picture album is adorable. You all must be crazy about her. Praise the Lord!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Trish - we just video chatted with them all this morning! One more morning before they head home - pray for their LONG flight!

Roxanne Kristina said...

I loved this post!!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - someday we will get both be with our heavenly father! Then no miles to separate us.