Thursday, 23 April 2009

FOR SALE! Silent Auction!

I hope you will participate in the 'mock' auction. Papa is trying to make a point, will you help? What is your bid?

UP FOR AUCTION: Two African Violet plants, one Afghan (Hand Made), and table included.

You may stop by and look at the items if you are in the area.

Lets have some fun, again, what is your bid??

Bidding will close at noon on Saturday, April 25th, EST.

THIS IS STRICTLY A "PRETEND" AUCTION! Spiritual application to follow if we get some participation - Bid as if you would really buy the items.


CrossView said...

Fifty dollars.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Good start !! I will close the bidding at noon on Saturday EST - April 25th - maybe I should but that in the post.

CrossView said...

You did say "mock", right??!! ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Yep - Crossview! Just pretend - just curious what people think the "stuff" is worth. The items are not really for sale. lol ! I will be disappointed if we don't have a few more bid! :o( !! ha!

CrossView said...

It's been slow on the Internet today. Your post is the most recent one on my reader list. But tomorrow is Friday! Woo Hoo!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - very slow today! Bummer! I will be out most of tomorrow - so maybe we will get some good bids!

CrossView said...

Maybe there is a spiritual application here for you to learn that nasty "p" word...



Ed said...

I am clueless about the current value of anything.

I checked Google Shopping. A Betty Boop handmade afghan blanket cost $250, so I will guess yours is worth that much.

A small table might cost $50?

The violets aren't worth anything to me as I killed every plant anyone gave me.

I'll bid $300, mostly for the handmade afghan. Actually I might bid more if it had a picture of Betty Boop on it. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - Patience is NOT one papa's virtues! LOL

ED - i am going to take that as a bid of $350.oo wow that is quite a good start - 300 for the AFghan and 50 for the table.

Mama's mom made the Afghan - she has made one for every grand child ad every great grand child - close to 20 total - just did one the other day - she is almost 91 !

Peter Olson said...

Will you trade it for something else?
I would have to give the plants to someone else.
Plants usually die under my care.

Hopefully, we can come and visit you soon.

I'm sorry I was at UMHS when you passed through today.

Have a great weekend!
God Bless You!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Peter! Sorry we missed you - it was worth a try! Hope your doc appt. went well.

What ya got to trade ?? LOL What is it worth?

Anonymous said...

I can't tell how big the afghan is and I can't see the table. The violets are beautiful but I would definitely have them dead in a very short time. However, the afghan is made with my favorite colors so will match my color scheme and most important of all, I know the "maker" of it, so I will bid $1,000 to buy it just to have something to remember that dear lady by!!!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Janis - The Afghan is a very nice sized afghan - Mama's favorite. My M I L did a nice job.

I am kind of surprised no one has asked about the table, not really. Stop by and take a look at it all. You could make it before lunch.