Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Weeds !! ?? !!

I just got in from working in the yard. These nasty little "flowers" are starting to show their heads - blooms in my yard - dandelions! I consider them weeds - they will take over my yard if I don't keep them under control - they have to go! I watch them through out the growing season. The house next door has been empty for sometime, the owner does not control the dandelion growth - they have almost taken over the yard - and - the seedlings blow into my yard! Oh well, I just need to really stay focused on my own weeds.

I wonder, is there a spiritual application here? I wonder if I am watching out for the 'weeds' satan tries to plant in my life? In the fall I do a weed control plan for the dandelions - so that in the spring the weeds are in better control. We need to keep faithful in God's Word and prayer to keep satans weeds in check. Pray that I do as mama and I pray for you.


Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I am constantly pulling out weeds in my spiritual garden, but the beauty that comes after that is awesome.

CrossView said...

Don't smack me! But when I see "weeds", I think of all the uses for them... Dandelion jelly and salad greens and my little k at 2 getting excited and saying; "Look Mommy! 'Ellow flowers!".

And sometimes, weeds are only weeds in one area of the country and a desirable flower in another(eg- spiderwort).

Don't hate me!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Edwina - pulling the weeds is okay, but sometimes I feel like He is using a hoe on me! LOL

Crossview - remember that cat we found? Its in the mail to your house!LOL

You are right - my weeds are my weeds, not necessarily your weeds! Tell K we have lots of "ellow flowers".

CrossView said...

Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

Personally, it hit me one summer that often what tradition calls "weeds" isn't the same as what God calls it. Sometimes, what we think are weeds are really wildflowers.

John the Baptist was kind of a "weed" in most folks' eyes. Or Peter. But God saw them as wildflowers....

Tanya said...

I am not so sure about the spirutal thing and dandelions, but I hear they make an awesome tea. I do think of the Veggie Tale video that talks about the rumor weed that plants itself all over town. I guess we need to be in the word, weed control and protect ourselves from the weeds that plant in our hearts. Good post and God bless, Love Tanya

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - Peter was no 'wild flower'! He was a rock! You women! LOL

Tanya - yep, keep an eye out for those nasty weeds!

Ed said...

Dandelions might be the only plant I could grow. Like CrossView I have enjoyed dandelions, in a salad.

Maybe the message is you should find the beauty in all life.

All that work in your yard is keeping you healthy. :)

Of course living in a condo I don't have to do any out door work myself. I can watch the maintenance crew getting their workout.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - keeping the weeds and yard work keeps me healthier - physically and spiritually.

Leah said...

Here's what Texas Natural Supply says about Dandelions. Perhaps you should be eating them! :)

Dandelion Leaf C/S
INCI:Taraxacum officinale
Dandelions are one of the planet's most famous and useful weeds. Dandelion is more than just a common lawn weed - it contains vital nutrients and minerals as well as vitamins A, B, C and D. Dandelion has been used for centuries as a primary herb that purifies the blood and flushes toxins out of the body, via the liver and kidneys. Today, Dandelion is commonly found in salads, wines and multi-herbal combinations. Rich in calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and sodium, Dandelion is ideal for treating high blood pressure and poor digestion by stimulating the circulation of blood to the entire body. Dandelion's anti-inflammatory properties help alleviate inflammation and muscle spasms, plus it acts as a mild laxative relieving constipation. Dandelion, unlike some chemical diet supplements, will not deplete the body of potassium when used for weight loss. The principal constituents responsible for Dandelion's effect on the digestive system and liver are the bitter principles. Previously referred to as taraxacin, these constituents are sesquiterpene lactones of the eudesmanolide and germacranolide type, and are unique to Dandelion. Dandelion Root contains approximately 40% inulin, a fiber widely distributed in fruits, vegetables and other plants. Inulin is classified as a food ingredient (not as an additive) and is considered to be safe to eat. In fact, inulin is a significant part of the daily diet of most of the world’s population.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Leah - please come and pick them! LOL

Roxanne Kristina said...


This was a great analogy. Right now I am weeding worry out of my life. I am having a hard time leaving my family today for the women's ministry retreat. A big project for the boys has come to a head and Julia woke up with the sniffles. My heart rate is up, but at the same time I know I am doing what God wants me to do and Brian is being incredibly loving and supportive.

Love you,

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hey Roxx - worry is great !! It really works - it must - because 99% of the stuff I worry about never happens - must be working!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Oh Roxx - I forgot !!



Anonymous said...

I just got done pulling up weeds Papa...huge ugly roots too! Gone! YAY....

Missed the auction...sniff

Love you!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Deb - Spiritual weeds or the outside variety?? LOL

Love you too!

brainteaser said...

hey there, papa! how are you? it's been quite some time.

ah, weeds. sometimes they are so beautiful, it's not easy to just remove them from the garden.

but just like you said, they have to go.

like there are so many things in life that are so lovely, it's hard for us to let them go.

but we must.

take care!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Brainteaser! Thats the problem with weeds! Some are very attractive and it makes it harder to get rid of them! Mama and I are doing great. Hope you are as well.