Friday, 12 June 2009

Do Not Horse Around!

This was not a good day for Magic! Magic was getting his feet trimmed, teeth checked, medical checkup and groomed - the hard way. Magic, a 10 year old Arabian Stallion would not ever let anyone handle him with out being darted and tranquilized. You see, he just does not trust people - no way!

This picture was taken in April 2008 at a horse rescue farm in Florida where I worked as a volunteer. That is Papa in the background with the western hat on.

Magic had been there for over a year. He was not a mean horse, just terrified of people. He had been rescued from a place where he had been beaten severely and abused. He will have difficulty ever trusting humans - he remembers well. How sad - he is a beautiful horse with great potential.

Perhaps you have had incidents in the past where your trust has been violated. Surrender the trust issue to Christ - don't horse around carrying those issues. It will defeat you if you let it.

Magic does not know he will never be beat again. He does not believe he can trust anyone - but he is very slowly trying to trust. I have talked softly to him, fed him, even got to touch his nose in the pasture, but thats it.

Christ wants you to use your potential - trust Him to do that. Make a life for your self. Learn to trust - again.


CrossView said...

He can fix it! God sent me a handyman to caulk up all those holes in my heart!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - its nice to have a "handyman" around the house.

Roxanne Kristina said...

WOW! This was an incredible post. This horse needs some carrotts!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Magic loves carrots! Theresa can rub his neck and he will come her - but still is ready to bolt - just in case.

Peter Olson said...

Wow that looks like a team effort!
It looks like you are sitting back and enjoying the show. Ha! Ha!
Did you do the darting?
Very good post
I have felt like Magic a couple of times myself. :-)
That isn't any fun at all.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - A Vet did the darting and then when he was relaxed, we led him up to where we wanted him to go down and then Theresa finished him with an injection. She was by his side all day - until he could get up and walk again. He never gave one twitch of struggle. The ropes were all precautions - it went very smooth.

Our Lord watches us the closest when we fear the most - He is right there with us.

Life Adapted said...

If in one day we have 10 people be kind to us and 1 person who was unkind, it's the 1 person that was unkind that we tend to dwell on. Why is that?

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - we don't like to be hurt! We remember that! Especially the second time around!

mandy said...

One of our seminar professors is about to adopt two foster children that they've had live with them for a year or so.

Yesterday we were talking about the adoption process, and about these boys. They have extreme attachment disorders, because they've been shuffled around in 12 different homes. And they're only 7 & 9... These boys don't trust adults. They don't want to put their hearts into the relationship because they've been hurt so much.

Definitely like Magic. BUT, their little hearts are growing soft for the professor and her husband. They are finally opening up to love...

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mandy - thanks for stopping by! Mama and I have had 32 foster children - not an easy responsibility. We will pray that these boys will learn to trust and know that they are "safe".