Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fathers Day - I miss my dad!

I miss my dad - he has been gone since 1980 - a very long time. We lived on a small farm, 80 acres. The last time I saw my father alive was on that old farm. Dad could never afford new equipment, we had good equipment but usually it was old. Our work horse tractor was an old Oliver 70 that had 6 forward gears with a high and low range. Not as old as the tractor in the Buckley, MI parade you see on this post.

You know whats special about this picture? The tractor? No - the driver, I know him - no. Its the church in the background. You see that is the church that as a boy on every Sunday, including Father's Day my dad would put us all in the car and take us to church. Just a few weeks ago I went to church there again - oh the memories.

Dad, I wish you were here - so much I want to talk about. I miss you. Happy Fathers Day - see you soon. Love you!

Your son

P.S. Thanks for letting us as kids take the tractor to the swimming hole on hot days - but most of all thanks for taking us to church.


CrossView said...

I miss my Dad, too.

Happy Father's Day to YOU!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - be sure to tell your hub to cherish his father moments with the kids.

CrossView said...

Not a problem! His own dad wasn't around while he was growing up so he goes above and beyond... *swoon*

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - that is special - you are blessed.

Life Adapted said...

I miss my dad very much, too. It's been 27 years since he died. He was a good man, too.

Be blessed and Happy Father's Day.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - Dads are special - i hope my kids feel the same way.

Mylene said...

I miss my dad, too... I came across your blog by typing "I miss my dad" on Google.

It's been six years since I lost my father (he passed away on June 24th 2003). I feel lucky that he was part of my life, he was a great father and probably the most generous person I have ever known.

Take care xoxoxox

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mylene - thanks for stopping by - we were both blessed to have good fathers.