Sunday, 28 June 2009

Relay for Life - Cancer awareness.

This picture is not our group but helps you to get the idea.

As I type this, members of our team are still walking at a local high school outdoor track to support "Relay For Life". Our local church team will walk for 24 hours - until 10am this morning.
Mama and I walked as part of the relay team last evening from 8pm until 9pm.

We thought of many friends and family members who have lost their battle with this dreaded disease, but we also are so thankful for all of the survivors. There were many walkers with purple shirts on that indicated they were survivors. Remember my post about Wendy? Had nine children? She lost her battle with this disease a couple of weeks ago - yes, I am angry.

Two days ago a close friend of ours found out she has Pancreatic Cancer. I have come to a very profound revelation about cancer - "Cancer Sucks"!


Parsley said...

Cancer is evil! It took away my closest friend last September. I walked in Relay for Life before her passing last year. I couldn't bring myself to do it this time around. My feelings are still raw and ugly.

BUT...She's with God, her suffering is over, and I'll see her again. I just miss her.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - it is vicious! It is probably the one topic that makes me ask God "Why"" more than anything.

CrossView said...

I've always thought of cancer as a "gift" from Satan. I KNOW times will be hard on earth, it's in Scripture. But I KNOW God didn't create something so ugly.

But I've lost a dear friend to cancer. And I came to close to losing another - thankfully, she just hit the 5-yr mark. I have many loved ones I've lost to that evil disease. And I know we all have similar stories....

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - you may be right - a 'gift' from satan - deadly. Satan would do anything to destroy our relationship with our Lord.

Roxanne Kristina said...

I completely understand your feelings abut Wendy. God is happy you are being real. I am sure He is upset too. This was not His plan but He will feel the gap. In the meantime, "blessed are those who mourn..."
Luv u,

Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - I hate cancer! It has destroyed many lives. I think cancer is one of the ultimate challenges to a Christian's faith - it took my father and many other loved ones. My faith is not shaken, but i still hate it!

Love you -


Ed said...

Walks are a great why to show your support for a worthy cause, spend time with friends, and get in some exercise.

I participate in walks for Diabetes and The March of Dimes.

It is a terrible thing for children to lose a parent.

Cancer is a long, painful fight. I hope Wendy found peace, and her family the help and guidance they need.

Peter Olson said...

Doing the survivor walk is something else. I have had done it twice and I was crying before turn two both times. It is an incredible feeling seeing all the supporters smiling and applauding us as we walk around that lap. I hope to walk that lap many more times.

I agree with you, “Cancer Sucks!”
But “Life with Jesus Rocks!”
That's my focus - Thanks be to God!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - I agree, walks are a good way of showing our support. Our church put together a 'team' that walked for the entire 24 hour period. A group of young ladies walked from midnight until 3pm!

Peter - wish we could have walked together on this one - lets see what we can do for next year. I was overwhelmed at times. There were many luminaries all around the track. It was a good time to pray as well.

darla said...

I am sorry about your friend. I am praying for her but also for you and mama, and her family. Just word Cancer makes me long for the LORD to return, it really wasn't supposed to be like this...we were created for so much more. love you, and missing my Papa this morning!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Darla - missing you too - hope you and Deb are having a great time.

I love my Lord, I just wish we could live in a cancer free world. I guess that's not how it works though.

Roxanne Kristina said...


Indian Lake Papa said...


Ditto !!

Papa :o)

Life Adapted said...

We live in a fallen world where disease exists - I get that man caused the fall, but don't get that innocent folks suffer for it. I hate it, too. All the more makes me look forward to Heaven where sickness does not exist.

Be blessed.

Tam said...

i am so sorry we lost wendy. i hated reading that.

my fellow vocal team member had a cancer scare last month. ended up coming out negative. but it sure did shake everyone up.

it is an ugly disease, no doubt.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - Cancer is one of our most destructive diseases ever. Approximately 40 of us gathered at friends last night to pray for a dear friend struggling with this.

TAm - I spoke to Wendy's dad yesterday - he is so appreciative of the prayers and support.