Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Gator Aid

Last evening Susan and I fed and watered about 20 horses at Shamrock Stables where Amos resides. I even mended a section of electric fence. Susan is my riding buddy and the lady that bought Amos. The owners of Shamrock Stables had to go out of town. We loaded the Gator up with buckets of grain and began our adventure. It was interesting as we went to each different pasture area and began putting grain in the buckets. There was a definite order in which to feed them - the 'boss' got fed first. We took turns scooping the grain and I did most of the gator driving. That was my first time driving a gator. Maybe I should get a gator for mama to do her yard work and chores. Maybe as a Christmas present.

Last evening was a beautiful time with the horses. I commented to Susan as we traveled along down the pasture lanes how blessed we were to be able to do this and to be a part of God's creation. We take so much for granted and miss what is going on around us. In fact I just stopped typing for a few seconds and glanced out the open window - the birds are singing beautifully - at least three different varieties! The sun is shining, I just saw an old man out for a walk and I prayed for him as he went by. A young lady in a nice spandex jogging outfit went by as well - after that I prayed for me! Oh my, the birds are just special today! Take time to enjoy the day - a biker friend of mine just peddled by, I think I will go biking as well! Take time to find God in your life today.


Parsley said...

Funny thing...I posted about birds in my yard yesterday.

CrossView said...

I'm not sure if I've matured, or you've regressed??!! LOL! I love to take time during the day to just enjoy the majesty of God's creations... Living out here really helps. There's so much life around me!
Oh yeah! There's even life INSIDE the house. ;o)

And you may get in trouble for appreciating that spandex jogging outfit... =P

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - I love the birds! God sure had fun creating the many varieties - enjoy them today!

Crossview - I think we have both regressed! LOL You and I are so blessed to see God's creation in the ways that we do! Another spandex outfit went by just as I was typing this! Seriously! I am enjoying God's creation today! LOL

Ed said...

Driving a gator sounds a lot of fun. I am happy to hear that Amos has found such a great home.

I fell very lucky to be able to spend my time at the beach, and in the park, experiencing all the wonders of nature.

I love all the colors and smells of flowers. Watching the birds on the shoreline, especially the yellow polka dot bikini. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - the gator was a neat experience - I definitely should get one for mama. I bet if you had a gator on the beach, wore your speedo's, you could draw some real attention -

Anonymous said...

"Susan is my riding buddy and the lady that bought Amos.' Ummm who and waaaa??????


Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Debs - that happened back in the latter part of May. I did a post on May 14, 2009 "Not a good day" that explains it - somehow you apparently missed my posts about that. Amos is fine and is at the same stables - nothing has changed for him - I still go out and groom him on occasion.

Peter Olson said...

Ha! Ha!
You made me smile. :-)

Would the Gador be for Mama or Papa?
I learned a valuable lesson about gifts from my oldest sister many years ago. She gave me a baby girl doll for Christmas. When I said that I didn't want it, she said,"I'll keep it then! (with a huge smile on her face)"
Lesson learned: Always gift that you would like for yourself, in case they don't like it.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - you finally figured that out eh?!! Heh Heh!

Life Adapted said...

Awwwww - except the part about the spandex clad jogger - being in God's Creation is vital!! Thanks for the reminder - it's the best stress reducer (well, ranked up there with the best) and free, too!

Be blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - it is 7:45AM Wednesday, watching out the window again - birds are quieter this morning - do hear 90 boys at boys camp coming out of their cottages about 100 yards away - no walkers or joggers yet. May have missed them - there goes the 2nd golf cart - yep, we have those on our street.