Monday, 6 July 2009

Meet Sydney!

Meet Sydney my grand daughter. She rode in the back of papa's truck during the parade and tossed out candy. I love Sydney! She is 8 and a very smart girl - she definitely has her papa's genes.

One of the special things I love about Sydney is she has a very tender heart. She is always coming up to others and throwing her arms around you and saying, "I love you!"

I want you to know that Sydney has already given her heart to Jesus. She gave her heart to Jesus one Sunday morning at church. She has a wonderful church and a pastor who loves the children very much. A few weeks later she asked her parents if she could be baptized - by submersion! We got to attend that very special event.

Please be praying for this very special girl that as she grows up that she will always remain true to her Savior and that she will be an instrument for Him.

I love you Sydney!



Parsley said...

It's a wonderful thing when your child or grandchild becomes a brother or Christ!

CrossView said...

She's adorable!

Hi Sydney!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - it is a blessing! It makes you weep - even now.

Crossview - yep, she has papa's genes, adorable.

Ed said...

Sydney is a very pretty young girl, both on the outside and, more importantly, on the inside.

She gets her looks from Mama. I will take your word for her getting her smarts from you. :)

Roxanne Kristina said...


Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - with your new job, save your money and after the plumber is paid come visit us and meet Sydney!

Roxx - sweetness? Yep, papa's gene's again!! LOL XO

Tam said...

"She is 8 and a very smart girl - she definitely has her papa's genes."

only shes just a wee bit younger than you, papa ;)

love you...

Indian Lake Papa said...

Tam - yesterday was a bad day for Sydney - her daddy accidentally ran over her kitten - "Emma" did not survive. Sydney took it hard, but instantly went to her dad and cried, hugged him and said "I forgive you!" WHat a tender heart.