Sunday, 12 July 2009

Slightly Sloppy Seas

This picture was taken when the forecast was "slightly sloppy seas"! Actually the seas were turning into a tropical storm. The picture was taken in the South Pacific near the Fiji Islands.
Harmon Schmelzenbach, missionary that is in charge of a boat ministry in the Fiji Islands took the picture. This was one of those days when the only word you utter in prayer is; "Help! - Amen!"

Recently mama and I have watched many lives being rocked by "Slightly Sloppy Seas". I don't understand why we have to go through sloppy seas, but we do. My parents did, their parents did and guess what my kids will - and are - as well. If any could be exempt, I wish my kids could be. But just not so.

We have our faith in God that sustains us and whom we can trust in. I am praying this morning that I will trust Him more - even when I have to pray "Help!"


CrossView said...

That's odd. I've been in "real life" discussions about this recently. One of them was this morning. A song came on the radio that was about a god but not MY God. One of those "Why do you let this stuff happen" and on to god being helpless in the face of things. M said, "That's wrong! God didn't create this mess on earth, humanity did." Then we talked about how Heaven is the perfect place, not earth. Paul said there WILL be trials and tribulations.

Anyway, just odd how these conversations match your post subject.... ;o)


Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - two areas that are on my mind a lot;1) Why? 2) Have I really given Him my all? - the two extremes of Christian faith. I want to understand better "why' things happen, but I also need to give Him my all!!

Ed said...

I spent a week on a troup transport ship. Hit a typhon near Hawii. I felt more like a month.

Even looking at that picture makes me sea sick.

Enduring rough seas does lead to the calm waters of our faith.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed -I do not do well with high seas either! I prefer the solid ground. Put me on a horse and I am okay though.

Anonymous said...

Sloppy seas??? I prefer sloppy joes Lol just doesn't always happen. Here's to the calm in the you guys!!!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi DEb - I prefer sloppy Joes as well! LOL Have you had any storms lately? - calm seas here - for now. :o)