Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wild Mustangs

This is a picture of wild mustangs - to me, they are beautiful! They run free in certain parts of the U.S. They appear to have a life of ease, but not so. Wild horses have their predators and are always watching for danger. Did you know that wild horses rarely whinny? The reason being is that the noise would give predators their location.

Wild horses may travel many miles in a day trying to locate water and an area to graze - life is tough for a wild mustang.

I have been watching many children this week here at the church camp going up and down our street on their bikes, laughing and playing. But this morning papa was shaken back to reality about the children.

At about 7:30AM I went to the Prayer Cottage and found several new prayer request cards. Some had apparently been filled out by children. One requested prayer for her father. "My dad has left and gone away, I am afraid I will never see my dad again." Another child, maybe same family, requested the following; "I wish I could hug my dad, I miss him."

I need to pay attention as much as I can as to who is hurting around me and make sure I listen when God prompts me to step in. I really don't want to miss helping when those opportunities come by. There are a lot of hurts covered up out there.


Parsley said...

Thanks for this reminder that behind the smiles we sometimes find broken hearts. God be with you as you minister to those around you.

CrossView said...

I remember those prayers all the times my Dad was off to Vietnam....

It's so hard to see behind a smile.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - sometimes we can cover up the broken hearts and fake it quite well.

Crossview - Vietnam era was a scary time - very few families went untouched by a loss of loved ones. I can name several. I am sure you were quite scared.

Ed said...

I know you have been doing your part to try and mend some of the broken hearts of those children.

Children's hearts are fragile, but resilient. I hope some of those prayers will be answered.

I read somewhere that a horse over 15 years old is called a "veteran". I was a wild mustang in my youth, but now I am a real veteran.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, I just get so frustrated when I see the damage being done to children. I was not a perfect father, but I never gave up trying to be a better father.

I have never been a 'wild mustang' (My opinion - lol) but I am definitely - going into that veteran stage of life!