Sunday, 9 August 2009

Choices R (yours) and Mine

This past Friday was a very emotional day for mama and papa. As the girls from girls camp left from camp we stood by each vehicle saying goodbye to each girl. Some we laughed or giggled, some we cried. You see, each one will go home to face life and the circumstances of home.

Most if not all the bloggers on my blog roll have contact with young children. We need to be sure that as we stand there having our adult conversations that we remember the little ears that are listening and sorting out their role and that we build them up. They need to feel secure.

If the little girl in the picture had just left your presence, having listened to your conversation, what would she be praying about? If it was my grand daughter, I am sure she would be praying for me and that it would be nice to see grandpa more. I get so busy that I fail to put them as a priority. Pray for papa that he does better. Papa loves children, especially my grand children, I can do better.


CrossView said...

Thankfully, I have the most wonderful children who remind me of this. =P

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - you and your hub have done an excellent job of keeping your children's well-being a top priority. Mama & Papa love your family.

Ed said...

Beautiful picture Papa. While I am not one your bloggers with much contact with children, I do enjoy reading about how much you, Mama, and most of the rest of the world, enjoy being with them. Being around children is one way to stay young.

Nothing is more important than making children know they are loved. Love is one thing I see in all the pictures of your family on your blog.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - maybe you could adopt three or four kids - maybe some girls in their mid 20's! LOL
You have missed out on one blessing for sure Ed - being a father - I think you would have done well. Any nieces or nephews to dote on?

Roxanne Kristina said...


You are so right. This is a touching post and great reminder. I heart your heart for young people.


Ed said...

Papa, my late sister had five daughters. They now have 14 children between them.

I do visit them, mostly around the holidays. I can't cliam to be close to them.

I can have fun playing with children. However 4 or 5 hours is as much time as I care to spend with a room full of kids. :) That is probably the primary reason I never got married.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - I am not sure why young people are touching my heart so much but i am going to listen to God's prompting.

Ed, had a dear sweet man here at the camp that use to say about his grandchildren; "I am always glad when the little angels come, but have to admit glad when the little devils leave!" :) Some truth there some whers! HA!

Life Adapted said...

Papa, I think you do just fine with your grandchildren. But, wanting to be better just makes you all the more adorable. I do love and appreciate my kids, but sometimes I think they wish I loved them from a distance :)

Be ever so blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LOL LA! I have a wonderful family LA - we don't fight too much - only if I don't get presents! LOL