Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Bike Ride!

I took this picture this morning just before I left to go to the post office. I left at 8:30AM and returned by 10:00AM. I mailed a package to Deb, a blogging friend in Oregon. The ride was 11 miles round trip.

For over two years now my bike riding has been very limited to "short" rides around the neighborhood. In July the diagnosis of Parkinson Disease changed everything. Now I am on medication that has helped and now I have more energy and I am getting my strength back. In August I averaged riding 3 miles per day - 100 miles that month. This month, September, I am averaging over 7 miles per day.

Mama and I appreciate your prayers for us and we pray that we will be a blessing to you as we share our journey together serving our Savior.


Ed said...

Riding a bike is a great way to excerise, and get some fresh air into your lungs. I must admit that is one skill I never perfected as a kid.

That is very impressive progress you are making, doubling your miles per day in a month. Does this mean you will be up to 28 miles a day by November? :)

I see you are smart enough to wear a helmet. It amazes me how many people, especially kids, have not learned that lesson, which too many will the hard way.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - I have almost 15,000 miles on my bike computer and it is more accurate then my car odometer. I don't think in all those miles I have rode even a mile without my helmet. I put on my helmet when I go on my bike to check the mail.

I had a hard time getting my bike riding friend to wear a helmet - finally he got one - the very next week he took a head first spill over his handle bars - he broke his wrist and scratched his chin - but no head injuries. He believes today the helmet probably saved his life.

Its been years since I have rode 28 miles in one day - maybe November! I will see!

4evrhis said...

I love that the meds and prayers are strengthening you! but then I love you... =D

counting down.. 14 days til I see wooohoooooooo!!! i am so excited!! Darla

Indian Lake Papa said...

Yep Darla - only a few days now - we are hoping to see Ed as well when we get to CT! I don't think we are riding our bikes to your place though! LOL

CrossView said...

So the car's broken, eh? ;o)

Seriously, good for you! Glad things are manageable enough for you to keep on pedaling!

triednotfried said...

awwwww Papa... That diagnosis is giving you back your quality of life...not taking it away. Isn't that just like out God???? I will be looking for that package, I can't wait! Love you so much, and ummmm how did you take that picture???


Indian Lake Papa said...

Deb - my tremors are not subsiding but I have more energy and feel better - our God is good.

I did take the picture Deb! Heh Heh! I put the camera on the porch railing and set the 10 second timer.

Your package 'should' be there by Saturday maybe? Priority mail.

Life Adapted said...

Praise God for the return of your energy! May God continue to bless your life with blessings from ashes.

Be ever so blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - I am doing great! Hope to see you soon! BY the way, we won't be on our bikes! LOL

Life Adapted said...

Yeah, the highways are not a great place for sweet folks like yourself on bikes. : )

See you SOON!!!!