Saturday, 12 September 2009

How to end the day!

The last two evenings mama and I have jumped on our golf cart and took a 2 minute drive down to the lake shore and watched the sunset. Last night the picture was taken - what a beautiful sunset!

When I see sunsets I know there is a God. There is no reason to have a sunset unless someone is there to enjoy it. A "designer" had to be involved. And I don't think Thomas Edison, Henry Ford or Harvey Firestone (who were all friends by the way) could have formed a committee and created sunsets. They were the best, but just not that good!


CrossView said...

I LOVE sunrises and sunsets! And skies in general. LOL!

Glad you two aren't wasting all that art-in-the-sky!

Indian Lake Papa said...

The sunsets on the lake are always nicer when you share them with someone!

Peter Olson said...

Woo Hoo! How romantic!
It's cool to see you two love birds together. LOL

Indian Lake Papa said...

Actually that's mama with her boy friend - I took the picture, really did! I used the camera on a tripod with a timer. heh heh

Ed said...

That is a beautiful picture. Living near the water does have it's benefits.

I love starting the day by watching the sun rise over the beach, when I can drag myself out of bed early enough, and end the day at sunset. It's when I feel closest to every man and women I share the earth with. No matter where we live, when we look in the sky, we all see the same sun, and moon.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, We share more things then we ralize!