Friday, 16 October 2009

I do not know the people in the back!

What would you do??

You are walking down the street, in a town you have never been to before, minding your own business and these two people come up to you and beg for food!

You look at their faces, you know they must be related - same noses, same eyebrows, same small mustache (even the lady!) under their huge noses, and even their glasses are the same - what do you do ?? I looked for the police, but it was early Sunday, no donut shop open so couldn't find a cop when you needed one!

We tried to ignore them - but - they just wouldn't leave! So we had lunch together and found out the "lady" (term used loosely) has a blog, LIFE ADAPTED (how fitting) and it is a very interesting blog.

If you ever decide to go meet bloggers that you have never met before - be cautious! Some are pranksters! LOL

We had a great time and as you can tell, lots of fun! Very special time.


CrossView said...

You do attract the crazies, eh??!! LOL! Sounds like a good time!

Do you realize that you are eating your way across the U.S.?

Life Adapted said...

HAHAHA! I love it and I love you and Mama, too. You can run (but not fast) so we caught you. Thanks for the friendship and fellowship - it was really great!

be blessed today!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - looking at your profile picture, uh uh you might want to try the glasses, nose and mustache !! HEH HEH !!

LA - HA! Yep, I am a slower runner, that's how mama caught me! lol

triednotfried said...

I am so glad you are going around meeting so many different friends.... Love you Papa and give Mama big squeeze for me....

Indian Lake Papa said...

We have fell in love with each one we have met - a real blessing - I will squeeze mama for you!!

Ed said...

Given how I look in pictures I think I will pick up a fake nose, and eyebrows. They would be an improvement. :)

You and me could both use wigs. :)

You and Mama have so much fun with people, because you are so much fun to be around.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, you look great - for an old man!LOL It was a fun day - stay healthy so we can have lunch again some time!