Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Whoops !!

A couple of weeks ago I "goofed" with Amos, the horse I use to own.

I was going riding with Susan so I was planning to ride Amos. As I approached the gate to take Amos out of his paddock he had seen me and got to the gate quickly - he is always anxious to meet me and come out.

There is a one strand electric fence wire that goes around the top of the entire paddock, to keep the horses from leaning over the fence. Before I opened the gate I disconnected the electric fence wire that goes across the gate. Amos then came up stuck his head over the gate and as i reached to touch his nose he "bumped" his nose on the 'hot' side of the electric fence - ouch! He bolted and ran about 30 yards back into the paddock - looked at me, and stood there - not sure what had happened. He was apparently not sure if I had done that. He was now trying to decide whether to approach me or not - could he trust me?

Deb, a blogging friend just did a post on trust. It has made me think, can I be trusted? To me trust is a major factor in our relationships - maybe the most important factor. Look at those who are closest to you, how important is trust? And, remember it works both ways.

As Amos stood there waiting to decide what to do, I opened the gate and went to him. He waited for me to come, but did not come towards me, I had rattled his trust in me just a little. After I stroked him on the neck, talked to him, he was fine and our relationship returned to normal - but if it happens again - he will even have less trust.

How are you doing with trust?


CrossView said...

Poor Amos! Poor you! Glad you two worked it out...

Ruth said...

I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Please pop by my blog to pick it up when you can.

Here's the link... AWARD

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crosssview - it was not a good day for Amos! Thank goodness he forgave me quick.

Ruth - thank you! I will see if I can figure how to pick it up. :)

Life Adapted said...

Papa, I trusted you enough to meet you even though you were a perfect stranger (well, not perfect - pun intended). I get the trust thing - I hope I can pass that along to the kids . . . you can easily lose the trust with one simple careless action.

Great post!
Be blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - Are whole meeting was really based on trust. Both of us had felt that we could trust each other - but we both, I am sure, asked ourselves some basic questions. The answers all added up - so we had a great visit. Thanks for your friendship.

Peter Olson said...

Exactly what my response would be! Ha! Ha!
Do horses understand mistakes and accidents?
Did your gentle words calm his nerves and help him to put his trust back in you?
Trust is a big deal! You don't just give that out unless you are like a child. I'm thinking of a biblical reference here. :-)
May God Bless You & Mama today!
Hope to see you both next Tuesday.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - No, horse do not know the difference. All he knows is that he got zapped. I was close so I got associated with the shock. Horses do not reason, they react. So my goal was to quickly go to make a good thing out of it. He will remember it forever though. So trusting me is important.

Verne said...

Definitely good food for thought. I want others to be able to trust me but how wonderful it would be if God could trust me even a little bit...Wow!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Verne - that is a good point - can God trust/rely on me??

Ed said...

It is a lot easier to lose trust, than it is to gain. With both horses and people.

Amos is much more understanding than I would have been. I would have waited until you got close and kicked you. :)

Guess I wouldn't make a very good horse. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, Amos is a great horse with lots of trust. I suspect he knew I had nothing to do with it!

If you were a horse you could do more horse'in around.