Monday, 2 November 2009

God's Handiwork !!

I guess its debatable as to whether this log home is God's handiwork or not. I say it is. My brother just was using God's wonderful creation to make a beautiful home.

My brother began this project several years ago and today lives in this beautiful log home.

He actually went out and cut each log out of a wood lot with a chain saw. I know that he cut over 200 logs to build this home. He even purchased a portable saw mill to mill his logs and lumber.

When we turn our lives over to Christ to be used by Him, He has amazing plans for us. Remember, He created you - put your life in the Master's Hands!


Peter Olson said...

Very nice home!

CrossView said...

It is a pretty home!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - it is very nice - my brother did a nice job on it.

Crossview - it is a pretty home and setting - it is on a large wooded lake frontage lot. I was standing on the porch one day and a deer ran right across in front of me. However, yesterday they shut it all up and as I type they are in Kentucky headed for Florida! They don't like snow either!

Ed said...

I love the rustic look of a log house. I also greatly admire anyone like your brother who has the skills to build one.

My friends have learned not to let me near a saw or hammer. Let's just say I have EMS on speed dial. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, and i was planning to buy you a nice skill saw for Christmas! LOL

Life Adapted said...

Wow! That's a beautiful home. May your brother be blessed there.