Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Tonight, Wednesday, is our prayer service time. We sing a few songs from the hymnal, then the pastor gives a devotional and then we have a prayer time.

Tonight during the devotional I glanced at Paul sitting across the aisle from me. I had my Bible out with my pen and highlighter and noticed Paul was doing the same - although he seemed more intense than me. Paul was definitely paying closer attention to the pastor than I was.

The topic was Thanksgiving, a typical topic for this time of year. I am thankful for sure, but I admit, I wasn't into it as much as Paul.

I wonder if Paul was more in-tune than I was because he has terminal cancer and has been given literally a few more weeks to live unless God chooses to intervene? I wonder ?


Ed said...

None of us knows when our time here on earth will be up. It's best if we all stay as in-tuned as your friend Paul was, because today could the last day for anyone of us.

I hope your friend Paul gets to share whatever time he does have left surrounded by those he loves, before he gets to share his time with loved ones who have already moved one, as promised by your God.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - if i get the chance to know when my life is getting short i hope I still have the drive to really want to get the best out of each day.

CrossView said...

Naughty, naughty! You shouldn't be looking around to see who's being better!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - I was humbled by Paul. I pray that if I am cognizant of my last days that my fervor for serving Christ does not wane! He apparently is not taking for granted what life has ahead for him. I do need to pay better attention and stay focused.

Life Adapted said...

Papa, I think it's a balancing act - if we are not grateful for our blessings, God may just take them away. If we remember to Praise Him for all He does, He will surely continue to bless us. Praise Him in all circumstances.

Be ever so blessed!

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - I agree completely! We are so blessed!

Peter Olson said...

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thank you for coming to our benefit luncheon. ;-)
Said prayer for Paul

Indian Lake Papa said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too Peter!

God has given us so many blessings!
I am thankful that this year has given me a new friendship - Peter, Kim & Krystal.