Monday, 7 December 2009

Glad to be in Florida! Kinda!

I always look forward to coming to Florida for the winter. It is not a necessity to come here, but I certainly do not miss the cold weather and the snow.

We have friendships here, very special friendships, a wonderful church, and we keep busy with our church activities and working with the homeless. But we miss "home".

You see, our children and grand children are now close to 1200 miles from us rather than less than a 100. That is hard. Separation from loved ones is hard. Especially this time of year - Christmas. Mama and I will miss all of our children and we pray that the Christmas Season will go well for them. We also will pray that you will make sure that your family relationships are stronger this year than ever before.


Peter Olson said...

Yeah, it will feel strange not stopping by to see you on our way back from Ann Arbor this Friday.
Enjoy the warm weather.
We should get some more snow this week. ;-)
Love you and miss you both!

Ed said...

It must be hard to have so many miles between you and your children, and grandchildren.

I am sure you all stay close in you hearts, no matter the distance between you.

CrossView said...

This is what confuses me... You should have just stayed in the south and raised your family here. That way, you could go up north *brrrr* for the summers. Then you'd come south for the winters - and have your kids and grandkids close by. But you made them think that the barren, arctic, wasteland (aka - the north) is home...

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - will miss not having you stop by this Friday! Keep us posted!!

Ed - We miss the family! We video chat and that helps a lot!

Crossview - Just a couple of hours north of our home in Michigan - 18" of snow possible the next 24 hours or so!! The kids love it - not me anymore.

Life Adapted said...

Hi Papa, just stopping by to say hello. Glad you are where it is warm. Soak up those rays! We had snow over the weekend - it was very pretty, but very cold. Keep up the good work you do for the homeless, you're making a difference.

Be blessed

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi LA ! No snow here yet! You have a joyous Christmas!! We will have a busy Christmas Season!!