Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Mama is sick!!

Mama is sick tonight!! I don't like that!! Please pray for her!! She is running a temp of about 101.

It started about mid-night last night - upset stomach. At 5AM this morning she lost her cookies and had a real tough time with that. She never gets sick like this. The real tough part was that we were almost 200 miles from home.

Monday AM we went on a trip visit my brother in Stuart, FL. My Swedish family followed us down in their rental car and are going on to Miami to fly out to a beach in the Caribbean somewhere. Mama and I had to cut our trip short and come back to Central Florida. Hopefully she will recover quickly!!

I do not like it when my best friend is sick. I hope I am a good caregiver and help her to get back on her feet quickly!!

UPDATE WEDNESDAY MORNING!! Mama feels much better today!!! Much!!! Now I won't have to do the laundry, dishes or put away the Christmas decorations!! Well - I probably should still help!! LOL !!


Parsley said...

May be swine flu. I will certainly pray!

If it is flu, please check with a doc about anti-viral meds for her AND you to help prevent.

Praying God's protection and healing over you both.

Tam said...

im praying for you mama!

CrossView said...

I don't like it that your best friend is sick, either! Sending up prayers for you both! =(

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - could be !! She ate lots of ham over the Christmas holiday! Will see how she is this morning.

Tam - appreciate the prayers.

Crossview - we have to take extra special care of our best friends!!

Peter Olson said...

Stay healthy! And have a wonderful New Year!

Ed said...

Great to hear that Mama is feeling better. Maybe the thought of you doing the laundry helped her recover quickly.

I hope you both have a happy, and healthy, New Year.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - she is doing much better tonight!

Ed - hope you have a great New Year as well!!!

Roxanne Kristina said...

Bethi caught me up the other day. So glad to hear Mama is on the mend!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Roxx - I don't like it when mama is sick.