Sunday, 28 February 2010

Do you need a bath?

We live in a single wide trailer here in Florida. It is nice and comy for mama and I but the bathtub was very uncomfortable - a pain! Last year we pulled the tub out and put in a walk-in shower very nice. But I miss a good bath.

Don't tell anyone but when in Michigan I love to soak in a tub and love the bubble bath stuff - I love to relax and soak it in. Well, this morning I took a bath.

As I was sitting in church the Holy Spirit just washed all over me. It wasn't a shower, it was a real soaking. It lasted almost the whole morning. I needed that. His presence overwhelmed me and I just soaked it up. I wept, I laughed, I wiped away many a tear and yet rejoiced in God's presence. It was one of those special moments with my Lord. I hope you had a bath today. I sure enjoyed mine.


Parsley said...

Yes, I need a good soaking in the Lord too.

Don't worry about men and bubble baths. It's good for you guys too..just ask my husband. LOL

You'll get a note from me soon.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Today was special Parsley - very special - I have been drawing closer to Him each day and really want more of Him in my life - We must keep at it!!

CrossView said...

I love those times... When our hearts are open, the Lord is ready to fill them.

I find that I have to work less on "doing" and just get out of the way... Christ is in there if I'll just get me outta there. ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - so very true! no one gets in the way more than papa! i really have my "own" agenda snd I have a hard time not letting Him direct my paths. I am sure He gets frustrated with me often. He not only soaks me, some times He really scrubs the "dirty" spots!!

Carol said...

I don't care for baths in the bathtub at all...I'm a shower person. But I am totally in agreement with you when it comes to soaking in the presence of the Holy One. I wish those times were more frequent, but maybe they are more precious to us because of our longing for that which is not an every day occurance. Sounds like your day was a God day, not a God moment!

Peter Olson said...

I agree with Carol. I'm a shower person too.
With Graft verses Host Disease (GVHD) of the skin, the beads of water can give me a welcome relief from the itching.
I have felt the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit and it is all consuming.
I'm joyful that God has blessed you with His Holy Spirit.
May God continue to use you to bless us as you allow the Holy Spirit to work through you. Amen!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol - It was a God Day - a very special one. It really started watching choir practice in the sanctuary before Sunday School. MY SS Class is just next door - I could hear them so dropped in - yep, got really blessed.

Peter - shower? Have you ever turned the water on, walked away, came back thought you were done and shut the water off without stepping in? Like washing a load of clothes - with no clothes in the washer? Just curious. It was a real blessed day.

Ed said...

Papa, a lot of people have told me to go soak myself, but I don't think this is what they meant.

As you say we wash to cleanse ourselves, and soak to refresh our spirit.

I follow the Japense system, a shower to clean, then a hot soak (water as hot as I can stand) to relax and clear my mind.

The warm waters in the tub open our pores, just as Church opens your soul to receive the cleansing of the Holy Spirit.

It is great to read your now feel clean in body and soul. I hope you didn't have to scrub to hard to get clean. LOL

Indian Lake Papa said...

ED, I have to scrub really hard, ha! That hot water doesn't have to be on to clear your mind does it?! LOL It is a beautiful day today!!

CrossView said...

Frustrated with you? Nah.
I'd bet He's amused and infinitely patient. He knows you'll come around to His way soon enough. ;o)

Devoted said...

I love it when that happens!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - He is my closest friend - mama is next! He keeps me in check and I am sure He laughs at my dumb moves sometimes.

Devoted - He has blessed me! Sunday was a very special day - check out the SS lesson for next week - read the title written just for you and me! LOL