Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Heaven Bound

Scripture: “Because of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven …” Colossians 1:5

Riding Amos is heavenly! I love horses and to be on a wooded trail on horseback is heavenly. All the hours that I will spend with Amos will be so that we can go trail riding. The training is all preparation for him and I to enjoy the ride. Even the trailer loading training, which is nerve wracking for any horse, is done with trail riding in mind. When he backs out of that trailer, he knows it is time for a heavenly trail ride. I am not sure what he enjoys best, my company? Probably not, rather the company of other horses that are there getting ready for the trail ride as well.

The irony of it all is that when Amos was born and started his “training” he had no comprehension of what trail riding was all about. And through all the years of training he had no idea what a trail ride was until he finally got to participate and go on one.

You and I are in training for our arrival at our heavenly home. Although we know in part where we are going, I don’t think we have any comprehension of what this “heavenly” place is or what it is all about. Not even the best of theologians can agree on this one. I know I am excited to know what my heavenly Father has in store for me for eternity. Wouldn’t it be sad to screw up my training here on earth and miss it!

Prayer Thought: I pray that today I will be a good student.


CrossView said...

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.-- John 3:16

Awesome! =D

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - See ya there someday!!

Ed said...

Papa, I hope your prayers will be answered. Actually at least one has been because you have Mama. :) Hopefully she is a good enough school teacher to keep you in line. :)

Praying is a good way to keep you focused on the reward of Heaven. At some point your training period ends. Then it is how you live that demonstrates what kind of a student you were.

I hope Amos also gets a reward, apple? carrot?, when he has made it through the trail without knocking you out of the saddle. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, as I keep my focus on my destination - it means not to get distracted - too much. Sometimes trail riding I get distracted from my destination - not all bad as long as I recover and continue on. We need to go trail riding together someday.

Peter Olson said...

The trail is so much better when you're not alone on it. Boo!
Ha! Ha! Back at you!
My advice is not to dismount or fall off the horse especially in that first fifty feet where the trail begins. You know that place where the horses all lighten their load. :-)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Peter! I can't ever being dumped on a trail ride - I have had some "interesting" moments trail riding, but always ended up where I was heading!! Ha!

Life Adapted said...

Papa, we have no idea what God has in store - we just can't fathom. I'm praying right along side of you, that we can be good students. It's my hearts desire to have the Lord pleased with my progress. Thanks for your words of wisdom and the reminders that we are HIS.

Be blessed!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi LA! I was sitting in church tonight going through my prayer list. First my family and mama. THen comes my blog and web family - a long list. But your family is part of that. I pray that you and I will continue to be "prayer partners" for a long time!