Friday, 26 March 2010

Any Story Suggestions??

I was shocked when we removed the bandage yesterday! That cut goes clear to the top of my forehead! Aiiii! It does look like it will heal okay with a minimum of scarring - do not want to mess up my baby face!! LOL!!

Never in my life did I figure soaking up some sun rays would lead to this!! Hopefully I can keep from having this done again!! This boy is covering up!! I will not be the guy lying on the beach in Speedo briefs trying to make Tan lines!! Nope! Giving that up! Just hope the previous stupid Sun damage is not too severe!!

How are you doing with your innocent choices? No harm done - right? Are you sure? I guess in 1964, when laying on the beaches in Southern Italy at 21 years of age - I really didn't think it was a bad choice - well, it was, but it took me 45 years to realize it! Come on folks, we can do better with our choices! After all, we serve a Savior who needs our help - lets do better with our choices so we do not harm ourselves - or others!!!


CrossView said...

Just say NO to a Speedo. Say it loud and say it proud...

I'm glad they caught it! We need you around for a long time to come!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - LOL! I hope to be around a long time!

Parsley said...

ILPapa...I'm a black belt so I my mind goes to thinking about a great story like maybe ILMama was practicing her high kicks and you got in the way.

Peter Olson said...

Oh no! Your blog is looking more and more like mine. Ha! Ha!
If you put a picture of you in a Speedo® on here that would be it.
I have a picture of me in one from back in 1985. Kim has forbid me from showing it to anyone. LOL
They did a great job of zipping you back up.
We enjoy your humor and your wisdom.
Looking forward to more of that for a "long time" ahead. ;-)

Ed said...

That is some scar Papa, but it's good to know it will fad away.

I think I would rather have the image of your scar in my brain than that of either you, or me, in a speedo. LOL

We were encouraged to play in the sun, no sunblock back then (1940 & 50's), and getting a sunburn was a ritual of summer.

Almost everyone in my family, who lived past 50, got skin cancer. I have been lucky so far.

You will have to come up with a good story, and trying to blame Mama won't work because no one will believe you.

Dueling with the Devil might be more believable.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - How did you know ?? Mama can kick quite high!! LOL

Peter - I learned from you! Me, I will have to scan one of my old military pics when I get back to Michigan and put it up! HA!

Indian Lake Papa said...

ED - "The devil made me do it!" Ha! Actually he did it to me! I use to soak up them rays just awful!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Papa! :(

I hope it heals quickly for you!

I just got my referral today for my SECOND biopsy. :o\ Will call tomorrow to make that appointment.

I never was one "soak up the sun" due to my really fair skin. The sun scares me! I freckle in winter!