Monday, 15 March 2010

A beautiful Song! A great message!

Pie Jesu (Merciful Jesus) Qui tolis peccata munda (Who takes away the sins of the world)

Dona eis requiem (Grant them rest).

Angus Dei (Lamb of God)

Qui tollos peccata mundi (Who takes away the sins of the world)

Dona eis requiem ( Grant them rest)

Sempiternam. (Everlasting).

I saw this video on another blog. Ed, a good friend of mine had this posted on his blog and I really think it has a great message. I like that we serve a Merciful Savior (Jesus). A savior that takes away the sin of the world. And that He is an everlasting Savior!!

Thanks Ed for sharing this song on your blog - it is beautiful.

By the way folks, Ed is an Atheist. Did I mention that?


CrossView said...

Ah, the unifying power of music... =D

Indian Lake Papa said...

It is a beautiful song! She has a great voice! Crossview - I am sure God is blessed when we use our talents HE has given us to sing about HIM or use our other talents.

Ed said...

Thanks Papa, and all my Christian friends, for having introduced me to the very moving, passionate, music of religious faith.

I did enjoy gospel music as a child, when I was a member of the church. However since then I use to pass right over any song in the Christian genre. My loss.

I love listening to songs of faith now, any faith, Christian, Muslim, Hindu India and non-religious faith.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, thank you! I think music has a way of touching our souls no other medium does. You have a kback at finding the best.

Deborah said...

Music touches the deepest part of who God created me to be..... love this!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Music Deb is a very special way to reach our souls!