Monday, 29 March 2010

The Best!

Meet one of my three grand kids! Sydney! As I type this all three of my grand kids are somewhere in Kentucky on their way here! They left early this morning with mommy, daddy stayed home to work to pay for the trip! Ha!

The picture was taken last 4th of July. That is Papa's old truck decorated up for a parade.Sydney rode in the back to throw out candy! We had fun, I drove the truck.

They should arrive here in Florida very late tonight. Please pray that they have a safe trip here. Mama is very excited and running around making sure all is ready for grand children!

By the way - Go Michigan State Spartans!! Final Four again! This is the 6th Final Four trip in 12 years!


CrossView said...

I don't think it's just your wife that's excited! ;o)

Peter Olson said...

Praying for safe travels for the kids.
Go Green! Go White! ;-)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - I am actually tracking her phone! I know at anytime where she is at - it is cool! I think maybe I am excited!! Pray for them - she will hit Atlanta about 5PM!

Thanks Peter! The prayers are appreciated! Those Spartans are hanging right in there!!

CrossView said...

She should be on the last leg of her journey! Woo Hoo!

Life Adapted said...

Have a great time with your family. Don't scare anyone with those stitches!! Did you have to take such a close up?? I think Mama should tell folks that you got fresh and she nailed you with a frying pan.

Mend quickly.
Be blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - just got off the phone with her - I could tell by the internet map that she was at the Florida Welcome Center! She is only 2 hours out!

LA - I am healing up just fine!! I need to make up some good story!! Ha!

Ed said...

Hope your grand kids have made it safely, it's 1 am here in CT as I post this. I also hope you and Mama are now both over the crud.

I like the decorations on the truck. The American flag and 4th of July belong together.

Only two more wins and your Spartans will have their third NCAA BB Title. I will be cheering them on.

Of course my UCONN ladies BB team has won 6 Titles, and 75 games in row, not that I am bragging. LOL

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed - they arrived safe and sound! I "tracked" her cell phone all the way here so I knew right where she ws! When she turned on our street I went out to the end of the drive and met them! Amazing technology!

Go Spartans ! YEAH! Go UCONN Ladies!!Do you call them Husky Ladies ??

Anonymous said...

Love your tailgate!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy - I am not in that picture - oh, you meant my truck!! LOL

Ed said...

Papa, The UCONN women's basketball team is called the Lady Huskies, although they don't play like ladies. :)