Friday, 19 March 2010

Not my Best Day!

Hi - I'd rather be riding Amos right now - missed you today buddy. I am sure Susan is taking good care of you.

Today my skin specialist called and said that the biopsy they did last Tuesday came back positive for Basal Cell Carcinoma - skin cancer but very treatable. The location is just above my right eye brow. Tuesday the 23rd they will do out patient surgery and I will have better info then. I will require stitches so I am still hoping mama will recognize me when they get done. ha! I Will have to come up with some story about how I got the scar on my face!

We would appreciate your prayers, but flowers are not necessary - yet. However cards with cash or a box of chocolate would be appreciated. LOL


Parsley said...

Of course prayers your way. Don't worry ILPapa, a scar will only add to your character.

Russ Hutto said...

Prayers for you my friend!

A about a year ago I had the same diagnosis on a growth on the right side of my face (almost near my temple).

The doc said it as BCC and I freaked out. But then she said if you were to get any cancer, that would be the one you'd want.

Still cancer is cancer.

Anyways, I'm ok, they removed it I have a cool scar now!

My Scarface pic!

Are you guys back north yet?


Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - The prayers are appreciated.As long as they don't relocate my ears, the scar shouldn't be too bad! Ha!

Russ - Yeah I heard that too - BCC is the cancer you want - yeah right! Not what I wanted to hear either!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Russ, we are still in Florida. We head back north the latter part of April. By the way, your picture was cute! Scarface Eh?

Carol said...

Hi Papa,
Sorry to hear about this new development in your life, but with a face like yours, no one will even notice the scar. Besides, you can always grow bangs to cover it up!! See you in a month, buddy!!
Your Friend, Carol

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol !! LOL !! You are too funny! "Bangs"are not something I ever had!! HA! But it will just be another pretty face on the camp.

Peter Olson said...

You are now part of another group with me - cancer survivors!
I'll have to get you a tee-shirt. What is your size? M/L/XL?
If you eat a lot of that chocolate maybe I should order an XXL. Ha! Ha!

We continue to pray for you.
God Bless You Both!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - shouldn't we wait until after my surgery? Make sure I am a "survivor" ?? LOL I wear a Large. I can still get the chocolate in okay!!

How are you feeling today??

CrossView said...

I'll be sure and get you lots of chocolate! And for your health, because you're a friend, I'll eat it for you. No worries about those pesky calories! ;o)

My Dad was forever having skin cnacer removed. It was all that fair-skinned Irish in him. And no, none of it had anything to do with why he died. But I know any medical issue we deal with is the scariest! Praying for you!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Somehow Crossview - I think you really believe your chocolate idea is a good one! LOL You are a precious friend M !! I sincerely mean that. You are blessed with a wonderful family as well!

lillinda said...

You are in my prayers. God is with you, holding you up.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thank you Lillinda - Prayers are always welcomed - will do an update Tuesday if feeling up to it.

Brandy said...

Oh Papa, I want to hug you really tight!

I myself am waiting on a biopsy result for the same thing. I find out today, I think. :o\

Yes, please keep us posted on more details too!

I love you lots, and will pray over you for this.

Bran (Little One)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Little one, will pray for you too! We can pray for each other - you are too young for this stuff already!! HUGS!!


Ed said...

Papa, cancer is one of the scariest words in our language, however as everyone else has commented Basal Cell Carcinoma is probably the most treatable, and most common, form.

My father's family is Irish, and we share the same fair skin as your Swedish heritage. Almost all who lived past 50 had skin cancer. Except for the scar none had any lasting problems.

When we were kids getting a sunburn was an accepted ritual of summer, as we get older we pay the price. Families today are far more aware of the problem, so hopefully skin cancer is one problem our grand-kids won't have to deal with.

Of course you now have one more excuse to be looked after by Mama, as if you needed another one. LOL

You can get a tatoo to go with your scar. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, mama and I will get through this one fine. i agree, the "C" word rattles us all. I was rattled by the "Parkinson" word as well - but all is going well!!

Peter Olson said...

Praying that you heal up quickly.
Yesterday & Today - Both great days!
Have a small job to do tomorrow morning. It's good to be working again, even if it is only part-time for now. ;-)

Brandy said...

Thought I'd let you know I got my results back today....

abnormal and they want to remove all of it before they say if it is cancerous or not. :o\ Now I wait to get into the only dermotologist in town....which usually takes 6 months. *sigh*

At least I got the results though! lol

Life Adapted said...

Listen now, I have had it with you having health "issues"! This is the last one I will let you have, no more, I'm at zero tolerance - Got it?

Seriously, I am praying for God's healing and His provisions. You're a good man Papa and it hurts me to think about you not well. Take good care of this please and know you are blessed.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - this one set me back - a little. Surgery went well - but a lot of pain tonight. All is fine. Just have to heal up now. My forehead really smarts!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy, you know papa is praying for you!!