Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A real Pain!

Yesterday I had MOHS Surgery to remove a Basal Cell Carcinoma spot just over my right eye brow - skin cancer. Surgery went well - but had a lot of pain and right now I can't sleep! It is 4AM! They took 45 minutes just to close it up with stitches! I no longer have that pretty face!! LOL! Only time will tell what kind of scar I have - but I will have one and probably see it every time I look in the mirror. That's what I get for laying in the sun as a foolish kid years ago. I really abused my body with the sun and now I am paying for it - very dumb choice wasn't it?

Sin is like that. Most sin catches up with us. The good news is that Christ will quickly forgive us of our sin if we but repent. He wipes the slate clean - and remembers them no more. Aren't you glad that when our sins are forgiven that we also remember them no more?? WRONG!! Not only are they in our memory banks, but many of the scars we take through life - I know I have some of those as well.

Why not today repent of any sin you have in your life? Get them forgiven and correct the mistakes you can and then move on. The memories? Scars? Let them be reminders that God forgives and will help us to make the right choices now if we follow Him.


Anonymous said...

Love you, scar and all!

Parsley said...

I'd be willing to bet that God's love just oozes out of you and people wouldn't even notice a scar but the beauty within.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Brandy, you keep me in stitches! No pun intended! LOL

Parsley - I am oozing alright! Not a pretty site though! Both eyes are getting a little black and blue around the edges - wonderful!! LOL I need to make up some big story!!

CrossView said...

"Scars are like tattoos only with better stories".

That goes for the physical ones and the spiritual ones. ;o)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you have the surgery over. I was praying for you.

And don't fret, papa dear, a scar won't make your face look any worse than it already does.

Oh...........maybe that isn't worded quite right!!!! You think???

Love you,

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - That is a good thought. I do not have any tatoo's - but scars I have. Some of them have quite a story!

Janis - Don't get scared when you see me tonight! At least not any worse than when you seen me before.

Ed said...

Great to see your operation went well Papa.

I like to think scars add character to our faces. I don't have any scars around my eyes, but the bags under my them have turned into suitcases. LOL

You are right our scars should serve to remind us of past mistakes, so we won't repeat them. It's the scars we try to hide that are the problem. Make-up can cover over these scars on our face, but it won't heal our hearts.

You could put an eye patch over your eye and be the Pirate of Indian Lake. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Good morning Ed! I need two eye patches this morning! It may make driving a little tough this morning!!

We probably all have scars we wish we could hide. I remember when my daughter was physically abused by her first husband, she tried to hide her bruised body from view - but oh the pain was so real!

That was 20 years ago - today - the physical scars are gone but I am sure many of the memories still exist.

Roxanne Kristina said...

Maybe a swim with the Manatees would make you feel better. Too bad your favorites are on the West Coast!!!

Love you and miss you!!!

Things are going better than ever for all of us Papa fans in the Pacific Northwest. So sorry about this set back. Praying things move forward and you get some great rest.

Love you,
Roxx and gang

Peter Olson said...

You need a war story now to go with that scar. ;-)
You'll just look a lot tougher (we all know that you are just a big teddy bear on the inside) LOL
Very good post!
Praying for your continued healing.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Roxx! Great to hear from you!! We are fine as well! Me, having a bout with skin cancer though. Glad you are all doing okay. I have some pictures on my facebook.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter, I just tell them I got hit with a frying pan by mama! I think it is going to heal just fine!!