Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I get a kick out of that picture! However, I got it with a series of pictures of which the title was, "Where is mom?"

I remember as a little boy I was without my mom for several years during the ages 3 through about 7. She had to remain in a "TB Sanitarium" for one stretch of 2 1/2 years and then home briefly and then gone again. I missed mom.

Mother's Day is approaching fast. My mom has been gone since 2003. My father since 1980. I miss them both. Yes, I am now an orphan.

Moms, your kids need you. They need your love, care, and attention. Be a hands-on mom as much as you can. Moms & Dads need time by themselves, I know that and try to help with that. But stop and hug your kids, listen to them, know what they are up to. If they grab the skate board, it might just be a good idea to see what they are up to. I have distant memories of mom and dad crashing out the front door of the house as I was screaming or making some "noise"with something that just didn't "sound right". I survived okay - I think. But that may be debatable!

Mom I miss you! Many would still say to my mom, "You need to check on that boy of yours!"


Peter Olson said...

We used to ride our bikes off the end of the township boat launch dock into Raber Bay. There was a steep hill just up the road from the dock on South Raber Road. The trick was to push the bike away from you as you flew through the air, before you hit the water. It was painful to land on water while you were still on your bike. Yes, the water was very cold. They put big rocks all around the dock since then, so it would be much more difficult to do that now days. And of-course they have warning signs and rules against that too.
That picture reminded me of those fun days many years ago when we thought we were bullet proof.
If mom would have known that was what we were up to, she would have killed us. Ha! Ha!
By the grace of God and mom’s watchful eye we are still alive. ;-)
Keep up the great work moms!
My mother passed away in 1974 and we look forward to seeing her someday again in heaven. ;-)

Indian Lake Papa said...

This is Mama: I am so very thankful I still have my MOM. She will be 92 in May. I thank the Lord every day that I still have her and that she is close by. God is so good!! MAMA

CrossView said...

Being a mom is a job I cherish. Yes, even on "those" days. Parents matter.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter we use to ride our horses into a small lake from the farm - it had a drop off to 15' of water - It was fun watching our horse go off that with us on them! Cool! Ha!

Crossview - I am sure you were and are a good mom. The question is, were you a good girl?? Heh Heh!

Ed said...

That is a great picture Papa. The young me would probably not be on that skate board. The old me would likely not even hesitate. There is a reason I have EMS on speed dial.

My mother spent half her life in Hospitals. I was raised more by my grandmother. I will be visiting my mother's grave on Mother's Day. I don't have many memories of her, but what time we did share was filled with love.

A great scene in a movie about the current Queen of England, "The Queen", starring Helen Mirron, has the troubled Queen of England knocking on her mothers door, asking for help from "Mommy".

It's great that you and Mama still get to celebrate Mother's Day with her mom.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, My relationship with my mom was good but it was very hard on mr when she was out of the home because of illness. Mom's play a big role in the raising of the children. And yet, the fathers role seems to get ignored more than it should.