Friday, 21 May 2010

Bad News! I have to do the house work!

Yesterday, Thursday we met with the surgeon that will do mama's cancer surgery. The surgery will be considered out-patient and we should be out of there by 1PM. My question to the lady surgeon was, "When mama gets home she will still be able to do her housework - right?" She looked at me and said, "NO! SHe can't do anything including dishes, laundry - nothing for 90 days! We ladies have to stick together!" I think I have been setup!! Bad news!!

Mama will have surgery on June 1st. The surgeon says the tumor is very small. A minimal stage 1 tumor caught very early. They do not think the tumor has spread they will do tests and check at the time of the surgery to be sure. We were very pleased with the report and give God the glory and praise. Plans are just to remove the tumor, no major radical surgery. We feel God has blessed us.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor, poor dear! I mean Judy............. I know you thought my sympathy was for you, Jim!! No such luck!! lol

Praying all goes well.

Howie will be having double knee replacement soon but no date set yet. Now "I" am the one who needs the sympathy with this one. A good patient he will NOT make!!


Peter Olson said...

You two are a blessing!
We will be praying for Mama and Papa.
If you need any help figuring out how to use a vacuum or dish washer, don't ask me. Ha! Ha!
God bless you both!

roxanne kristina said...

Ummmmmmm, Papa, I have an idea for the dishes issue: a little thing called paper plates. We love them. God bless paper plates!

More importantly, God Bless you and Mama. In my prayers!!!


Parsley said...

If I could afford to fly out there, I'd do the housework for you.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Janis - I shall survive! LOL Hopefully you will survive with Howie's knee replacements! ouch!! Judy is doing great - we appreciate your prayers!

Thanks for your prayers Peter - I shall survive the chores!!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - if you fly out I will meet you at the airport for sure!! LOL

roxx - I think I will survive the dishes! HA We will covet your prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous news indeed!

Indian Lake Papa said...

You bet Happysocks! A great day!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I will keep praying and I will add her to a prayer chain as well. god bless and keep you. As I say, You don't always have a choice what happens to you in life, but you do have a choice in how you react to it.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Michelle O - Choices - sounds like a great name for a blog!! LOL

Ed said...

It's great to hear they caught the tumor early. Only a few hours and then Mama is home. Wonderful news.

Having to watch you try to do the housework may be harder on Mama than the surgery.

Can we take bets on how many household objects and appliances you will break? I doubt you will break my record. LOL

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ha Ed! I will do fine - if you were here i'd put you in a skirt and apron and put you to work! :) Have a great day - or evening now! LOL

Anonymous said...

i am thinking of you guys and praying for judy's surgery tomorrow morning.

love you.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Alece - we appreciate your thoughts and prayers!!