Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Being your best is optional - Really?!

Scripture: “So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.” Revelation 3:16

My goal is to make Amos a great trail horse. However, if he just does a fair job at it and gets everything I taught him about half right that will be okay. If when I go out to catch him he comes to me most of the time that’s okay. If I have to spend hours catching him some days, I understand, Amos is probably just having a bad day. I will just let him slide. Of course when we go to load him in the trailer and he kicks at me or fights to stay out of the trailer, I will allow that occasionally. He may just not feel like going for a ride in the trailer, after all most of the time he does okay. Then once we get where we are going with the trailer and he gives me fits sometimes trying to put the saddle on him and kicks me, I just brush myself off and get up off the ground and say; “that’s okay Amos, your still a great horse!” All I have to say is, will somebody please buy this horse! I would not even claim ownership to a horse that would not be consistent in his behavior.

God does not want us marginal either. The verse above is just plain scary and blunt. If I don’t get it, I had better wise up soon. God does not want me to be a marginal Christian. He expects me to be an “on fire” Christian. I certainly do not want to be a bad taste in His mouth. When I start making excuses about things He wants me to do or just seem to busy, I had better realize that God wants me 100% committed to His service.

Prayer Thought: Lord, is that you I hear gagging in the background? Sorry, I didn’t think what you asked was such a big deal. Forgive me please!


Carol said...

Excellent Post!! Thanks for reminding us, Papa!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol - It is a tough reminder - but we need to get this right!

Parsley said...

Cute post Papa. Hey...kick the horse back! No, seriously be careful.

Peter Olson said...

I'm starting to worry that you read my blog posts and it is influencing your thoughts. Ha! Ha!
Just Kidding! Great Post!

Seriously though, I'll have to start writing blog posts without all the gross nausea parts. ;-)

Have a great day!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Parsley - Amos has never ever even attempted to kick. If he ever did he would not like the consequences. I never hit him, but he is terrified of my scoldings! Which are very rare and with cause.

Hi Peter - this was a random thought I came across in the book I am writing.

Ed said...

That is a very good analogy. We all are like Amos. Some days we want to try and do our best. Some days we want to just slack off and be left alone.

We weren't put on earth to just get by. We were put on earth to do our best, to try to make the world better. Not many of us live to that standard, and do as well as we could, or should.

My guess is that Amos thinks you are doing a great job, at least most days. :)

You will have to wait until you see God in Heaven to find out how well he thinks you did. It is best to work at trying to keep on his good side, by working at living as he commands. From what I have read it isn't good to disappoint him.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Yep Ed, I admit, I have days I would prefer to slack off! Ha. Yet, Ido my best to Please Him. I usually get in more trouble when I think I can take charge. That's also when Amos really gets in trouble.

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