Monday, 10 May 2010

My best friend!

This is my best friend. I have lived with her for 45 years. Right now she is in "trouble". I don't cope with that very well. Today she had some not so routine medical tests. I do not like that. We believe that all is okay, or at least "fixable".

We now have to wait for test results, a couple of days, and then take whatever steps the results dictate.

The good news is that we have a God who is already at work on this issue and has it under control. We are trusting Him. Well, mostly, I have my own thoughts on what He needs to do, but I guess He decides that - right?

We would still covet your prayers and will keep you updated as we hear anything.

Mama is a very special lady - one of a kind and I am the only one who gets to be her very best friend!!

UPDATE - Tuesday 7:30PM May 11, 2010 : Mama's test came back positive tonight. Now we get together with Specialist to determine a plan of action. We would appreciate your prayers. We are fine!!


Anonymous said...

You also have friends from all over thinking of you and praying!! You are both loved!!


Ed said...

Thanks for the update. When it comes to test results the waiting part is often the hardest part.

I hope you get to the fixing part soon, and all goes well.

Anonymous said...

Praying with you.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Janis - thank you for you prayers'

Ed - you are a great friend! Thanks1

Anonymous, Do not know who you are, but your prayers are appreciated. Next time, you can put your name in the message that way I know who you are! :)

Parsley said...

I've been wondering how she was. Will pray and hope for a good update soon.

Indian Lake Papa said...

This is Mama: Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts, I had a good night and am just waiting for the results but it is all in God's hands and I trust HIM. Have a good day! MAMA

Storie said...

I will be praying!

Peter Olson said...

We continue to pray for both of you. You both are such a blessing to all of us. ;-)

CrossView said...

You know I'm praying for you both!

Carol said...

I read your update, Papa. I know that was not the news you were hoping for. But as you say, God is, has been, and will be in control. There are blessings awaiting you and Mama down this route. Smell the roses as you go, and hold tightly to the hand of Jesus, who journeys with you, goes before you, lives in you.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Storie, thank you for your prayers! Peter, yours and Kim's prayers mean a lot! Thank you! Carol - you are a good friend, thanks for stopping by today and praying with mama. Crossview, I know your whole family is praying.

roxanne kristina said...

Praying, praying, praying.
Love you,

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Roxx, we are fine. This obviously is serious with mama, but we do not have any reason to believe this is life threatening. But it Is cancer. We are waiting now until the 20th to discuss with the surgeon a plan of action. Your prayers are coveted.

Love you
Papa XO

roxanne kristina said...

thanks for keeping us updated

praying christ holds you gently and holy spirit going before you to pave a path of His perfect care in this process


Indian Lake Papa said...

You bet Roxx! We are doing fine. On Thursday we talk with the Surgeon. Thank you for our prayers.

God BLess!!
Papa XO XO