Friday, 28 May 2010

Snuggle Up!

I love this picture! I see several things. I see a mother snuggled up closely with her daughter. Her youngest of 5 children. She loves them all but this is a special time with "Katie". You see, each of her children have different names. When she has to call for her, to get her attention, she calls. "Katie!" Now if it is serious, requiring immediate attention, she uses, "Katelyn!" That is serious - I heard her use that once - it got my attention as well! You see we were out on a narrow pier, with deep water all around us, dangers that Katie did not recognize. But mom was there. One time Katie jerked her hand loose from mom's tight grip and started to move closer to danger. Mom screamed, "Katelyn!!!" - she froze she recognized that voice tone and froze and mom took her hand again.

Kind of like our relationship with our Savior! Do you know His voice? He does snuggle close - DO NOT jerk away!! He DOES know your name.


Anonymous said...

Great Post Papa! She must be one amazing Mom ;) lol!

CrossView said...

Momming is hard work!

He does know me. And He loves me anyway! ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Happysocks - she is one amazing mom! I get to call her friend! She has never had to hollar "James!" - unless it was at a different James! LOL

Crossview - I think you are one of the best, and yes He knows your name as well.

Life Adapted said...

Hi Papa, His voice is the best the sound in the world. I'd rather hear His voice than any other sound. I am praying for Mama and her surgery and I am praying for your poor house which will likely suffer under your care - heh heh. Do you even know where Mama keeps the soap and sponges?

Be at peace dear one.

Indian Lake Papa said...

LA - Appreciate your prayers. By the way, what is soap?