Wednesday, 29 September 2010

"Outlive Your Life"

Max Lucado has a new book out entitled "Outlive Your Life". A small group of us last evening started a group study of this book based upon the first 12 chapters of the book of ACTS. The emphasis seems to be "You were made to make a difference."

I do not think you an I really grasp this. We seem to think its some specific task or accomplishment we we have to do that we can point to and say, "There, I have accomplished that. " Sorry, I think rather it is a lifestyle of service to Christ. When you get up each morning, our focus needs to be on service.
I am in the process of writing a daily devotional book. I decided this morning to pull up my devotional I wrote over a year ago for today. Here it is. I think it fits.
September 29th

Scripture: “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

Mark 10:45


For me, Amos and I have two purposes. First purpose is to trail ride, and secondly to have fun. That’s why I purchased him. I tried a couple different horses before settling on Amos as the horse I wanted. I wanted a horse that knew how to walk and not have to be up on edge all the time. Amos walks, and relaxes on the trail, which makes trail riding fun. Accomplishing that purpose is what makes me eager to go out and see my horse.

God sent His son to earth with a two-fold purpose. First, Christ came to earth to serve, not to be served. We miss that and even his disciples missed that. Christ wanted us to learn to serve and not be served. The purpose of Christ coming to earth that we quickly see is His second purpose, coming to be a ransom for many. The challenge for you and I is to make sure that God’s purposes for His Son are accomplished in our lives.

Prayer Thought: Jesus, I know you came as a ransom for my soul, but also help me to serve others as you want.


Carol said...

Love your devotionals, Papa...almost everything you write has a spiritual message. I think the Max Lucado small group study will be a good one for us!

I know you and Mama have served many people in many places, and God alone will someday be able to reveal out your influence and service outlived your earthly bodies! Keep up the good work!!

Carol said...

This is my second comment. The first one never posted...don't know why. Just testing to see if this posts. In that you have no comments, I assume something is wrong in your blog. Hope it clears up!

Ed said...

I doubt it is possible for our actions "not" to make a difference, either for better or worse.

The consequences of our actions will outlive our lives, in how they affect the people, and world, around us.

Faith keeps us focused in making our world better by helping others.

Indian Lake Papa said...

That's a good thought Ed. it would be very difficult not to leave some "mark" with our life - usually the choice of how is ours.

CrossView said...

"We seem to think its some specific task or accomplishment we we have to do that we can point to and say, "There, I have accomplished that."

This is what God's been working on me with for some years now. ;o)

In our previous church, there were pats on the head (figuratively) when I "did" more for Christ (they said) when they weren't what Christ was leading me to do. Even now, I have to be careful and not dpend too much time focusing on what we've done in school but rather how we are as a family. Max is good stuff!

Indian Lake Papa said...

I think maybe we are catching on Crossview. I am anxious to read the book. I want to understand what I have to do leave a legacy.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Carol - not sure why, but these 2 comments just showed up this AM. I post yours as they show up! LOL I do have to "approve" each comment before they will post.

I really want to serve my Savior. Hopefully, I will outlive my life. I wonder who will make sure my name gets on my "list" when I am gone ?? (smile) Maybe you will still be here and can do it!!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I for one have trouble with being served, I would rather be doing the serving but behind the scenes please! I don't like serving out front anymore than I like being served! That book sounds very good.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Michelle from Ozark - focus on serving and NEVER deny anyone the opportunity to serve - even if you benefit. That is a learning experience for them.