Thursday, 21 October 2010

When we fail to Trust!

A couple of days ago Amos failed to trust me and as a result we had a close disaster. I was physically injured in the process - but not seriously.

We were heading down the same lane in the picture and Amos starting getting up on edge. The horses on the left & right were running in their pastures nervous - Amos was not sure why.

Just minutes before this a work crew, headed out to work on the trai,l had walked through here - carrying rakes and other hand tools laughing making noise. I was trying to catch up with them - Amos could not see them or hear them. When we got to the woods he could hear them in front of him but could not see them. He froze! Finally I convinced him to move forward at my urgings - reassuring him. Suddenly he spotted someone with a rake and the leaves were flying!

Amos whirled and bolted full canter back towards the barn. When he whirled unexpectedly, I lost footing in one stirrup and between me trying to recover and trying to slow him I began falling more out of the saddle. I was getting him slowed and finally as he was almost stopped I rolled to the ground. It was a soft landing and he was stopped when I hit the ground. I did injure my hand with a rope burn - severe - trying to stop him.

I remounted, and we went back to help the group. He was still nervous, but we both did fine.

When we fail to trust those who we should trust - we get in trouble. The results can be serious. If you know that God is leading your life, you must trust! Do not bolt and run - if you do, not all is lost, start over.

There may be serious consequences as a result of failing to trust, but we go on. We recover.

I have to go - mama needs to change the bandage on my hand. Amos and I will ride again, Monday.


CrossView said...

BAHAHAHA! Sorry! I can't tell you how many times I've nearly hung myself for not trusting Him! Somehow, I get the idea that he's not really paying attention and that I can see things He can't. Thankfully, we can't physically hurt Him. And I used to think that I broke His heart so many times but I finally realized that He already knew it would be ok. It was just a matter of time until I learned it, too. We have such an amazing God!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

And sometimes we feel pretty silly for not trusting, getting all worked up over nothing! Hope the hand is feeling better Papa

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

Glad to hear you and Amos are okay. Hope you up riding again realy soon.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Michelle - Not sure what Amos was thinking when I made him go back and try it again - but he did it with no problem. No sign of fear as we went in among the rakes, leaves and people.
My hand is getting better each day.

Edwina - Amos is fine! I plan to ride Monday. It will be an "evaluation" ride - I am a little concerned if my Parkinson Disease played a role in my losing my balance - I think I am fine.

Indian Lake Papa said...

Crossview - You are right1 We can't physically hurt God when we fail to trust like Amos hurt me - BUT, we can break His heart! We can put tears in His eyes - can I pray a short prayer?

"Lord, forgive Michele and I (and others) for breaking your heart and causing you tears because we fail to trust - AMEN"

Ed said...

Happy to see you are recovering from your injury, and that you are getting right back on Amos for a ride Monday.

Trust is something that is very hard to gain, and much easier to lose. For this reason trust needs to be reinforced as much as possible.

Hope you hand heals, and you and Amos have a safe ride Monday.

CrossView said...

So many times I've told my kids one thing or another and they had to find out the hard way. They didn't break my heart. I knew they'd learn to trust me and that I wanted what was best for them. They did learn. And I'm not God. ;o)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks Ed - my hand is doing better - healing over nicely. Should be able to ride fine on Monday. Amos is learning to trust just like we usually do - through experience.

Crossview - good point, if people learn to trust us that is a good thing. And, we need to be careful not to violate that trust.

Annesphamily said...

I needed to read this. I need to trust the Lord more. I like to take things into my own hands. I can use lots of pray regaridng this awful housing issue we are in. I pray for you and your sweet wife daily. Anne :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Anne - we need to trust, have faith and be obedient. I Too have to work on this! Thanks for stopping by.