Friday, 5 November 2010

Fishing - A time to relax!

I like to fish. Its relaxing. Just about every place I have lived I usually could find someplace to fish. I have fished in many states and Canada. I even fished off the shores of the Island of Crete. I have "solved" many of a problem while fishing.

Fishing is difficult for me now. My tremors in my right hand are too severe for me to tie on a hook or even put a worm on a hook - lucky worms. i was going to try and fish this past summer but never got there. I live by a lake and have a pontoon and all the equipment, just couldn't get it together to make it happen - disappointed.

Life requires adjustment. We see some of those coming. Other times we get blind sided. This summer we got "blind sided". Mama had a run-in with Cancer which required mama to have 33 radiation treatments in a 7 week period after her surgery which was June 1st. She is fine - clean bill of health. But, we adjusted.

Now we await for what lies ahead as we go down the path that God has laid out. Pray for us as we walk down this path that we are obedient to His leading. We want to be good followers.

God bless you as we all journey together - it is a great life!!


CrossView said...

Adapt and improvise; seems like that's the way life is. Can't say that I'm overly fond of it! ;o)

Maybe you could start fishing at the carnivals? The fishing poles already have magnets on them... =D

Indian Lake Papa said...

Its 22 here this morning - have to get the ice off the water so I can lower the magnet in the water -

I think i will go back to bed. Put my Speedo up for the year, no laying in the sun today!!

Ed said...

The only thing we can be sure of in life is that it will change. Illness, cancer and parkinson, can require difficult adjustments.

Mama has beaten cancer, now you need to find a way to catch her some fresh fish. lol

Indian Lake Papa said...

Ed, you just go with the flow - I haven't given up on fishing. yet.