Saturday, 1 January 2011

Have a great New Year!

Today mama and I start a new year together. 2010 had some moments when we were not as confident about what 2011 would hold for us.

Today, January 1st, the year starts out with a great start. Our health is good and our relationship is strong as well. We love each other with a stronger commitment to each other than 2010. What I share next, to me is important - especially for husbands and fathers.

I think as men we take the important relationships for granted. We love our wives and we love our children - but we need to be aggressive and show that. Here are some suggestion guys for 2011.

1) Smile at your wife and say I love you when you walk by her.
2) Come behind her and hug her. Kiss her neck.
3) Slip your hand in hers when she is not expecting it - like in a parking lot.
4) We "snuggle" in church (sorry if that distracts those of you behind us).
5) Put a love note under her pillow occasionally.

What about your kids? No matter the age, let them know in 2011 you love them and show it.

Have a blessed 2011!


mandy said...

Beautiful post Papa!! I'm looking forward to "snuggling" with Drew tomorrow morning at church, since I won't be leading the music. Granted, we won't have much cuddle time since he's preaching. But it's more than we normally get!

Happy 2011 to you both. I'm hoping this is a wonderful year for y'all.

CrossView said...

Happy New Year! And those are some great pointers! It's stuff like that that keeps me swooning over Guy! :O)

Indian Lake Papa said...

Mandy - have a great day of worship today. Hopefully he will snuggle too! :o)

Crossview - I think Guy has got the idea - with you and the kids!

Peter Olson said...

Great advice Papa!
I have also been blessed with a beautiful wife and daughter.
Happy New Year to you both!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Peter - always do as your elders tell you! Ha! Love you guys!! Miss you~~

gchayles said...

You two are beautiful. May God continue to bless you in 2011. Love you XO

Ed said...

You wrote the book on romantic Papa, proven by the fact that Mama has put up with you for over 40 years. lol

The only kid I have to live with is me. I do make sure "he" knows how much I love him, lol, but I think putting a love not under the pillow might be going overboard. :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

This is Mama,
I have to say Ed, I am sorry you don't have anyone to put a note under your pillow but it is also good to enjoy being your own best friend too. I am very thankful to have Papa as I would be way lonely without him!! Happy New Year to you ALL Love Mama

Indian Lake Papa said...

HI GCH! Happy New Year!! You only have 43 years and you will catch up to us! :) Hang in there!! HA!!!

Ed, maybe I can get mama to send you a note to put under your pillow - sorry, you can't have one of mine!LOL

Joanne said...

Just came across your blog. what a beautiful posts. What a testament to unconditional love. Blessings, Joanne

Indian Lake Papa said...

Hi Joanne - welcome to papa's blog. Mama is my bestest friend - we have a lot of fun together. Just rode bike 6 miles together. We love our Lord and hope you stop by again. I have been blogging since 2006.

Life Adapted said...

That is some good stuff there Papa - good stuff - keep at it : )

Love to you and Mama!

Indian Lake Papa said...

Thanks LA !! Mama and I are working at this marriage thing! LOL